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With MiG Calendar you can, with very little effort, add any kind of time based visualizations to your application. You can create anything from full blown calendar applications, like Outlook or Apple's iCal, to TV-schedule or Flight Information applications. You can do all this with the same component configured in different ways.

What's new?

  • Full Visual JavaBean support. It is now possible to add the component to your IDE's component palette and by Drag&Drop add it to your project. Properties can be configured visually in any RAD enabled IDE such as netBeans, JFormDesigner, JBuilder X or JBuilder 2006
  • A number of simplifications when it comes to customizing different parts of the component
  • Full dynamic Tooltip support for Activities and the Date Area
  • Official Gantt-chart support where activities can be tied to one or...

Latest News

MiG Calendar V6.9.3 released
MiG Calendar V6.9.3 released
September 17, 2013Patch Release
MiG Calendar updated
MiG Calendar updated
August 30, 2011Patch Release

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One software license is required per machine. Run-time royalty free.

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  • JavaBean
  • Java Class

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I wanted to post this review in order to help any Java developers out there who are looking for a professional Java Calendar. I purchased the Mig Calendar component a month ago after reading a chat... Read more

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