Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight updated

November 08, 2011 - 11:33
Patch Release

Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight is a listbox component for Silverlight applications. It performs intelligent, virtualized background data retrieval - the remote data engine only gets records as needed, reducing the amount transferred. It supports grouping, navigation, and filtering making it easy for users to go directly to the group they’re looking for. Smooth scrolling and fluid animation effects reduce the perception of lag and because items fade in/out and glide fluidly, visual tracking of items is improved. Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight includes priority support and updates with a Vanguard subscription. The Blueprint Edition goes further and includes the component’s full source code.

Updates in V1.4

  • Improved selection abilities
  • A deferred scrolling mode for enhanced responsiveness when fluid scrolling is not desired
  • Bug fixes

About Xceed Software

Xceed Software creates, markets and distributes quality software components for Microsoft Windows developers. Since its launch in 1994, Xceed has been devoted exclusively to the Microsoft platform. The company's very first product, Xceed Zip Compression Library, was first offered as a VBX for Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 and has been so successful that it has been migrated to every Microsoft platform since, including ActiveX, the .NET Framework, and the .NET Compact Framework. Today, Xceed's product line can be grouped into two main categories: Data Manipulation components and User Interface components. The Data Manipulation components include Compression, Encryption and File Transfer libraries. The User Interface components include Grid, Chart, Menus, Toolbars, Treeviews, Explorer Panes and other interface controls.

Drag and drop Multi-View demo in Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight.

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