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Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight

Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight is a listbox component for Silverlight applications. It performs intelligent, virtualized background data retrieval - the remote data engine only gets records as needed, reducing the amount transferred. Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight supports grouping, navigation, and filtering. It takes users directly to the group they’re looking for, and a search box filters data quickly and easily. Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight has smooth scrolling and fluid animations these effects reduce the perception of lag, thanks to the time required to execute them. Because items fade in/out and glide fluidly, visual tracking of items is improved. Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight includes priority support and updates with a Vanguard subscription. The Blueprint Edition goes further and includes the component’s full source code. Full documentation and samples is also included.

Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight Features

Drop-in replacement for the standard Silverlight listbox

  • Its API is designed so that it will fit easily into any project already using the stock Silverlight listbox control.
  • Also the ideal starting point for new projects: if you know the Silverlight ListBox interface, you can be up and running in minutes.

Intelligent virtualized background data retrieval

  • Automatic data retrieval only gets records from the remote data source if they are visible...

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Latest News

Silverlight ListBox improves scrolling
Silverlight ListBox improves scrolling
Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight V1.2 improves the smooth-scrolling experience both with and without animation.
Silverlight ListBox now available
Silverlight ListBox now available
Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight replaces stock listbox with fast data access, powerful grouping and fluid UI.

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