Basic Primitives orgDiagram released

Cross browser HTML/JavaScript organizational chart.
April 15, 2014 - 12:15
Press Release

Basic Primitives orgDiagram is an HTML/JavaScript organizational chart that works in all major browsers. It supports graphics rendering in VML, SVG and Canvas modes and is ideal for displaying large hierarchical charts, organizational charts, family trees, dependency charts and PERT charts. Using the API you can add, remove and modify individual items and change many properties at any time after chart creation.


  • Large hierarchical charts.
  • Organizational charts.
  • Multi-parent hierarchical charts.
  • Family trees.
  • PERT charts.
  • 100% client side JavaScript layout and rendering.
  • jQuery UI Widget specification.
  • Supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and mobile browsers.
  • Supports graphics rendering in VML, SVG and Canvas modes.
  • Auto chart layouts.
  • Labels and annotations.
  • Customizable items, highlights and cursor templates.

About Basic Primitives

Basic Primitives are a Canadian technological startup. Their development team has more than 15 years experience working on User Interface and Data Visualization projects. Basic Primitives initial product focuses on one of the most complicated UI areas, Charts and Diagrams.

Sample Org chart created using orgDiagram.

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