AbstraLinx (formerly ERBuilder for Salesforce) is a simple and powerful tool designed to be used by administrators, architects or Salesforce consultants to access, explore, understand, and document Salesforce metadata. AbstraLinx also makes it easier for data architects to integrate Salesforce metadata into Data glossary, Data catalog, etc.

AbstraLinx Main Features:

  • Visualize all objects and relationships as ER Diagrams.
  • Ability to edit Salesforce data model and create new custom objects, fields, and relationships.
  • View all details of any Salesforce object.
  • Explore deeply the Salesforce data model.
  • Generate a navigable documentation for the Salesforce data model.
  • Generate a customizable data dictionary from a Salesforce model (HTML, CSV, JSON, XML, TXT, SQL, and MS-Excel).
  • Compare and generate comparison report for two Salesforce...

Latest News

AbstraLinx v4.2.10
AbstraLinx v4.2.10
September 21, 2023New Version
Use AI to automatically update Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) from data model description or user stories.
AbstraLinx v4.1.3
AbstraLinx v4.1.3
June 27, 2023New Version
New auto-arrange method makes it easy to arrange and organize objects in the diagramming area.
AbstraLinx v4.1.0
AbstraLinx v4.1.0
March 24, 2023New Version
Generate data model documentation in Confluence and Word format.
AbstraLinx v4.0.2
AbstraLinx v4.0.2
January 6, 2023New Version
Adds support for Salesforce API version 56.
AbstraLinx v4.0.1
AbstraLinx v4.0.1
October 26, 2022New Version
Export and import multiple business requirements from CSV files.
ERBuilder for Salesforce renamed to AbstraLinx
ERBuilder for Salesforce renamed to AbstraLinx
May 20, 2022New Version
Includes performance upgrades and UI improvements.

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