Actipro WPF Essentials 2018.1 build 0671

June 08, 2018

Updates in 2018.1 build 0671



  • Added the DockSiteLayoutSerialization.CanKeepExistingDocumentWindowsOpen property that can be set to true to keep open document windows that were open prior to a document layout deserialization, even if they aren't in the deserialized layout data.
  • Set a default minimum window size DockSite.InitializeFloatingWindow to help prevent Win32 inconsistencies when resizing.
  • Updated TabbedMdiContainer to ensure that activating an already-selected tab makes it fully-visible.


  • Added the AutoCompleteBox.CharacterCasing property that determines how characters are cased when they are manually entered into the text box.


  • Added support for using an implicit Style targeting ScreenTip in your Application.Resources that sets a default Width, if you wish it to be wider in general for screen tips with more than just a header.



  • Fixed a bug where a splitter drag bar could be kept visible in a certain scenario when not using live splitting.
  • Fixed problems with high DPI scenarios.