About ActiveState Platform

Automatically build, resolve and certify open source languages.

Build, certify and resolve your open source languages on the ActiveState Platform. Automate your build engineering cycle, dependency management and checking for threats and license compliance. With ActiveState Platform choose from ready-to-install open source language distributions for ActivePerl, ActivePython, ActiveTcl and ActiveGo.

Secure Open Source - Binaries Built in Minutes. Build your Python, Perl, Ruby and Tcl dependencies from source and get a secure and easy-to-share runtime.

  • Select the packages you need from the trusted catalog.
  • ActiveState Platform builds all dependencies from source, for each OS you need.
  • You get a one-line command for easy installation and sharing.

Trusted By Developers, Proven For Enterprise - Take collaboration to the next level with security and administrative features built for teams.

Open Source Management - Easily build, consume, and share open source dependencies by making projects. You can also get access to:

  • Dependency Management
  • Open Source Insights
  • Multi-OS Projects

Online Platform and CLI Tool - You can manage your projects from the online platform and the CLI tool. By using both you can get access to:

  • Collaboration
  • Build Status
  • Branching

Advanced Security Features - Use the ActiveState Platform to manage and resolve security vulnerabilities within your projects. You can resolve security issues by using the:

  • CVE Reports
  • Vulnerability Emails
  • Security Dashboard