AdminStudio Standard Releases

Released: Jan 27, 2012

Updates in this release

Updates in V11

Software Tagging Support
(Enterprise, Professional and Standard Editions)

  • AdminStudio 11 now includes ISO 19770-2 tagging as standard, which enables a more efficient software asset management and license optimization process. The ISO tag file contains accurate descriptive information on the application (publisher, name, version, etc.) and simplifies the asset management by enabling the collection and analysis of tags to provide an accurate picture of application inventory...

Released: Feb 21, 2011

Updates in this release

Updates in V10.0

  • New "Application-Centric" Organization Model in Application Manager
    In previous releases of Application Manager, you could import multiple package deployment types into the Application Catalog (such as Windows Installer files, App-V packages, ThinApp packages, Citrix profiles). However, each of these deployment types—even those from the same parent application—were listed separately in the Application Manager tree structure. The only way to group an application's various...

Released: Jul 1, 2010

Updates in this release

Updates in V9.5 SP2

Repackager Installation Monitoring Method Enhancements
The Installation Monitoring method of the Repackaging Wizard has been enhanced to provide greater functionality:

  • Enhanced System Reboot Handling
  • 64-Bit Platform Support
  • Enhanced Installation Monitoring Engine
  • Windows Side-by-Side Support

Enhanced Repackager Command Line Support
The Repackaging Wizard command line support has been enhanced with command line options for :

  • No Reboot
  • Build MSI Only
  • Modifications to the...

Released: Nov 20, 2009

Updates in this release

Updates in AdminStudio V9.5

  • AdminStudio V9.5 Expands Support for Windows 7 Migrations
    AdminStudio V9.5 brings advancements to AdminStudio Windows 7 support. AdminStudio V9.5 includes better capture of installations for a Windows 7 OS, including enhanced exclusion lists. The AdminStudio Repackager is vital for converting legacy installations (such as EXEs or Wise installers) into standard Windows Installer packages.  For Windows 7 projects, the AdminStudio Repackager is important for converting...