Advanced Installer Enterprise 20.3

Released: Jan 30, 2023

Updates in 20.3


  • The Start Page UI is now based on WinUI and includes improved navigation, a new layout, and enhanced visuals to improve the application's overall user experience.
  • Added predefined support to downgrade setups.
  • You can now request assistance via the Help menu.
  • You can now automatically capture screenshots during repackaging in a PDF or HTML file.
  • Added the option to customize EXE metadata for Java applications.
  • You can now bundle Sparse Package with MSI.
  • Replaced "InstallDlg" with "LicenseAgreementDlg" for MSI-based themes.
  • Added support for .PEM encoded certificates.
  • Added new option in Registry Permissions dialog: "Apply permissions to all subkeys".
  • Added the possibility to collapse features within the Organization page.
  • UI improvements have been made for the ODBC Driver field in 'SQL Database Browse' and 'SQL Connection' dialogs.
  • Updated the separator characters used by Advanced Installer projects, for 100% compliance with XML 1.0.
  • You can now import embedded files from UWP applications built with Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Updated Microsoft .NET and .NET Core prerequisites to the latest version (3.1.32, 6.0.13 & 7.0.2).
  • Added predefined prerequisite for Microsoft SQL Server 2022.


  • The Server name on the SQLServerConnectionDlg is half covered with a gray overlay.
  • StackTrace error when using the "SetProperty" command.
  • "RunOnce" registry entry relaunches the main package when explorer.exe is restarted.
  • PS scripts from PSF do not work if "scriptPath" or "scriptArguments" contain spaces.
  • The "WinUI Rendering" option does not render SVG images correctly.
  • The "Side by Side Installs" notification in Upgrades is hidden when working with upgrade options.
  • Information popup remains after changing views from Updates.
  • Fixed Azure theme minor control issues.
  • The virtual machine launch condition is broken on VMware20.
  • Advanced Installer is not closing when using Project Assistant.
  • When removing a build that is missing a path, a StackTrace error occurs.