About Advanced Installer Enterprise

A Windows installer authoring tool for installing, updating, and configuring your products safely, securely, and reliably.

Advanced Installer Enterprise is a Windows Installer authoring tool. It offers a friendly and easy to use Graphical User Interface for creating and maintaining installation packages (EXE, MSI, etc.) based on the Windows Installer technology.

Advanced Installer Features

  • Installer and Uninstaller - Create packages that completely install and register, respectively uninstall and unregister, your application .
  • Always valid MSI 2.0/3.x/4.x/5.0 packages - Each written and unwritten Windows Installer rule, recommendation and best practice is carefully followed.
  • Wizard for Simple Project creation - Use the provided wizard to create complete Windows Installer MSI installs in mere minutes.
  • Add/Remove (Control Panel) customization - Customize your application's information listed in the "Add/Remove Programs" page of the Control Panel.
  • Per-user and per-machine installs - Select which type of installation better suits your needs: per-user or per-machine if the user is Administrator.
  • Limit to Basic UI - For unassisted or automated installs: display only a progress dialog and the eventual error message boxes.
  • Project files in XML format - They can be easily checked into a version control system and shared between multiple developers.
  • Template projects - Create templates based on your current project and ready-to-use for your future projects.
  • Context sensitive help and tutorials - Illustrated, integrated help and tutorials are provided for a simple and user-friendly learning of the application.
  • 64-bit packages - Create packages that run and install on 32-bit processors or on the latest 64-bit CPUs from Intel and AMD.
  • Optionally force rebooting - Prompt the user for a reboot even after a successful install, supporting sensitive components that require it.
  • Formatted fields - Use variables and parameters almost anywhere in your installs. They will be resolved at build or run time.
  • Visual formatted editing - Edit controls for Formatted and Condition fields offer reference auto-completion, highlight, errors and resolved value hints.
  • Run and log MSIs - Launch your MSI package while printing the full Windows Installer log. Syntax highlighting and log summary.
  • Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista and UAC installs - From Windows Vista to Windows 11, create installs that target the operating system's features and security model.
  • Visual Studio Integration - Use the Advanced Installer Visual Studio extension to easily access your installer directly from your IDE.
  • Build cache - Enjoy faster development and quicker installer build times with by caching and reusing unchanged archives.
  • PowerShell Integration - Create and configure your projects using PowerShell commands.

Installer Analytics (subscription required)

  • Installation data - Get essential KPIs for you application, and see how to improve your retention and user experience.
  • User data - Know your audience by getting information about active users, language preferences, platform specs, uninstall reasons and impact of updates.
  • Issue detection - Detect issues such as blockers, errors, stability and missing prerequisites before they impact your user base.

Application Resources

  • Files and folders - Install and uninstall files, create and remove folders. Visually define your distribution tree.
  • Create shortcuts - Shortcuts to your files, external files, commands, URLs. Placed anywhere: Desktop, Start Programs menu, etc.
  • Windows 11/10/8 support for shortcuts - Enable Windows 11/10/8 behavior like: "Pin to Taskbar", "Prevent auto Pin to Start", "Disable Pin to Start" and "Run as administrator".
  • Registry keys and entries - Install and uninstall; create or import them from your Registry or REG files straight into your MSI package.
  • Environment variables - User or system environment variables to be created, appended or prepended to existing ones upon install.
  • Font registration - Register fonts into the OS, specify registration names for non-TrueType fonts.
  • Auto register files - Auto registration, for files that support it (such as DLLs and OCXs), can be scheduled at install time.
  • Merge Modules into your installation - Create self-contained MSI packages, by including and configuring the required merge modules.
  • Application Tiles - Customize how application tiles look in the Start Menu and Start Screen.

Handling Versions

  • Upgrading older installs automatically - Older versions of your product found on the user's machine can be removed before installing the newer one.
  • Prevent installs of older over newer versions - Advanced Installer will not let the user install older packages over newer ones.
  • Side-by-side installs - Create packages (for different versions of your application) that can be installed simultaneously and run side by side.

Installer Conditions

  • Prevent installing on unsupported OS's - Easily specify which Operating Systems are supported, preventing the installation on the other ones.
  • MSI launch conditions - Conditions that have to be met (applications, frameworks, files, versions, etc.) in order for your package to run.
  • Smart condition editor - Quickly and easily edit Windows Installer conditions. Comes with auto completion, property values detection, predefined examples, multiple level undo, etc.


  • Import Visual Studio Setup projects - Quickly convert your existing Microsoft Visual Studio Setup projects to Advanced Installer.
  • Import InstallShield LE projects - Quickly upgrade your existing Visual Studio 2010 InstallShield LE installer projects to Advanced Installer.
  • Import WISE projects - Create installation packages by importing WISE projects.
  • Import WiX projects - Leverage existing installer projects while accessing the numerous Advanced Installer features and capabilities.
  • MSI/MSM import - Import third party MSI installers and MSM merge modules into your own Advanced Installer Projects.
  • Import Microsoft Visual Studio projects - Jump-start your installer by importing your existing VS project. Auto-detect names, files and dependencies.
  • Import Visual Basic 6.0 applications - Import applications developed in Visual Basic 6.0 to get a head start on creating their installer.
  • Import Embarcadero RAD Studio applications - Create installers for applications developed with RAD Studio.
  • Import Real Studio applications - Develop installers for Real Studio applications.
  • Import Inno Setup projects - Switch to Windows Installer easier than ever before. Move to MSI setups without wasting the effort already spent.
  • Import NSIS projects - Switch your NSIS projects to Windows Installer. Enjoy Advanced Installer's ease of use and wealth of features.

Installer Continuous Integration

  • Command line mode execution - Build your release packages in a completely automated script, like Make, Ant or NAnt.
  • RAD Tools Integration - Enable users to create installers directly from your RAD tool environment.
  • Team Foundation Server - Use Advanced Installer's full support to benefit from TFS as back end for your integrated development environment.
  • Azure DevOps - Build Advanced Installer projects using Azure DevOps.
  • Jenkins - Integrate the Advanced Installer project in your build system using our custom designed plugin.
  • TeamCity - Dedicated build runner for Advanced Installer.
  • Bamboo - Dedicated Bamboo tasks for Advanced Installer.
  • GitHub Actions - Automate the EXE, MSI, and MSIX building using the Advanced Installer's official GitHub Action.

Delivery Options

  • Single, self-contained MSI installs - Create a single MSI package that contains bundled everything required to install your application.
  • Unpacked installations - The files stay unbundled next to the MSI file, suited for regular installs or to run directly from (CD, DVD) source.
  • Archive files into CABs - Your application resources can be archived into CAB files, compressed (for size) or uncompressed (for speed).
  • Smart Cabbing - Automatically checks that files with the same source are included only once in the generated CAB file.
  • Online installs - The MSI packages can be launched from an URL, either directly by the user or by the EXE bootstrapper (in Pro edition).

Professional Edition Features

  • Configure Windows Features - Use the intuitive GUI to enable the optional Windows Features your application requires.
  • Microsoft Authenticode Digital ID signature - Digitally sign generated or included files - authenticate your products and MSIs for improved customer credibility. Device Guard and Azure Key Vault integration.
  • Software Identification Tag - The easiest way to implement ISO 19770-2 standard compliance in your software products.
  • Command line mode editing - Change the project without bringing up the UI - at command line or in batch scripts.
  • PowerShell Custom Actions - Run PowerShell scripts by using the dedicated editor, predefined prerequisites, launch conditions, and much more.
  • Multi-volume installs - Split large installs onto several disks, with customizable size and number of archives and volumes.
  • LZMA compression for installers - Reduce the size of your install packages using some of the best compression algorithms in the industry.
  • Large file support - Include in your project files larger than 2GB and pack them using multi-core-aware LZMA compression.
  • Installer encryption - Protect your installers using AES encryption. A password will be automatically requested before installing your package.
  • User registration, serial code validation, SKUs - Ask the user for a serial code during install. Validate it online, through bundled algorithm or your custom DLL.
  • Wizard for Professional Project creation - Use the provided wizard to create professional Windows Installer MSI installs in mere minutes.
  • Friendly Wizards - Easy to use, intuitive wizards are ready to assist you during your install creation. Get more done in less time.
  • Project Notes - Document every intricate detail of your projects in order to improve your installer team collaboration.
  • EXE/DLL dependency detector - Quickly and easily find out and include in your installation the libraries that your EXE and DLL files depend on.
  • Fast installation - Automatically optimize your packages for the fastest possible installation.
  • Single Package Authoring - Create a single MSI package able to install both per-user and per-machine with a selection dialog for the user.
  • Mixed 32/64-bit installers - Powerful wizard helps author single, unified installers that run as 32-bit on 32-bit and as 64-bit on 64-bit platforms.
  • Control Panel Applets - Install applets in Control Panel to configure and customize your system-level services and applications.
  • Visual Studio 2017 Extension and Add-In installers - Easily create dedicated installers for Visual Studio 2017 extensions and add-ins (in Ent. edition).
  • Microsoft Office Add-In installers - Easily create dedicated installers for Microsoft Office add-ins directly from a Visual Studio Project or from a disk location.
  • Adobe Products Add-In installers - Create dedicated add-in installers for most often used Adobe products.


  • Multiple Builds - Build multiple installers from a single project creating packages customized for various deployment scenarios.
  • APPX Bundles - Create APPX bundles for multiple architectures and platform types.
  • Pre/Post-Build Events - Customize your installer build process with pre- and post-build events: copy or move files, run commands.
  • Reports - At-a-glance reports outlining essential information about your installer.
  • ICE Validation - Run ICE validation suites as a final step in the build process, messages being appended to the Build Log.
  • Validation Fixes - Suggest and apply fixes for package validation errors resulted from running ICE validation suites.
  • Windows App Certification Kit Validation (WACK) - Run WACK validations as a final step in the build process for MSI, AppX and MSIX packages, messages being appended to the Build Log and inside an HTML report.
  • MSIX Packaging - Build MSIX packages from your existing projects. Get you desktop application in the Windows Store with just a few clicks.

Professional Application Resources

  • Synchronized folders - Specify installation folders to be synchronized with folders on your disk, with include and exclude patterns.
  • Path Variables - Ability to use custom, per-machine configurable Variables in project paths.
  • Compute file hashes - Turn this feature on to eliminate unnecessary file copying during a repair process.
  • File associations and mime types - Associate files having certain extensions with your application for open, edit, view, print or other operations.
  • Vista Default Programs - Take advantage of the Windows Vista's new support for registering applications to handle file types.
  • Advertised shortcuts - Advertised shortcuts trigger installation of features on demand or application check and repair when launched.
  • INI files and entries - Import full INI files. Easily create and edit, update or change INI entries.
  • Search for applications and resources - Search for components, files, folders, registry and INI entries during the install process.
  • Test-run searches - Invaluable tool allowing you to test Windows Installer searches on the spot, seeing the results immediately.
  • Permissions - Set permissions to define in detail the allowed user access to files, folders, registry keys and entries.
  • Resource removal on install - Remove files, registry keys and values during both install and uninstall stages.
  • File install actions - Move, copy or duplicate any file during install. Reserve additional space for install costing.
  • Uninstall cleanup - Now it's easy to make sure your application doesn't leave anything on your user's system after uninstall.
  • Persistent user data - Persist user-modified settings and configurations through upgrades and repairs of your application.
  • Temporary installation files - Include additional files that must be present at install time, without being installed themselves.

Resource Registration

  • Extract registration information - The registration data can be extracted from files that can auto-register, and installed directly in the Registry.
  • Services - Install and register services. Control (start, stop, etc.) them both on install and uninstall.
  • ODBC drivers, data sources and translators - Install and easily set the attributes on ODBC drivers, data sources and translators.
  • COM, COM+ and DCOM - Fully specify COM, COM+ and DCOM components for registration at install time.
  • COM Interfaces - Create COM Interfaces using Advanced Installer GUI.
  • COM+ import - Import complete COM+ installation MSIs into existing Advanced Installer projects.

.NET Framework

  • .NET and Win32 assemblies - Install .NET and Win32 assemblies in Global Assembly Cache (GAC) or privately, side-by-side on Windows XP.
  • .NET/COM interoperability - Let Advanced Installer extract registration information and register your .NET assemblies for COM interoperability.
  • Precompile .NET assemblies - Improve .NET applications performance and startup time by precompiling them to native images on install.
  • Assembly attributes - Advanced Installer automatically scans and detects .NET assembly attributes freeing you from this task.
  • .NET project template - Use the provided template and wizard to create installers for .NET framework applications in mere minutes.
  • .NET prerequisite - Check if the right .NET framework is present on the target machine and, if necessary, download and install it.
  • .NET Custom Actions - Write Custom Actions using the .NET framework, taking advantage of InstallerClass.

Custom Actions

  • Custom actions - Extend your installer's capabilities by executing JS, VBScript, an EXE, or a function in a DLL during install.
  • Nested Install custom actions - Launch an embedded MSI file from your installation in order to install, repair or remove another product.
  • Multi-file Custom Actions - Provide resources in separate files. Call normal, third-party multi-file programs as custom actions.
  • Predefined actions library - Predefined Custom Actions, ready to be used and easy to customize: play audio file, detect/stop processes and services, etc.
  • Standard DLL call - Predefined Custom Action allows you to call any function in any standard DLL.

Package Organization

  • Organize package features - Organize your Windows Installer package in features and sub-features. Create, set attributes and install conditions.
  • Group components in features - Group installation components into features, share them or set their attributes and install conditions.
  • Build one CAB per feature - Save bandwidth by ensuring that for online installs only features actually installed will be downloaded.
  • Isolated components - Ensure the components you need are next to your application and will not be overwritten by other software.
  • Qualified/Published components - Another level of indirection in your components supports pluggable components and replaceable implementations.

EXE bootstrapper

  • Customized EXE bootstrapper - Bootstrap your MSI or MSIX(AppX) package into an EXE file with a custom icon, file description and version.
  • MD5 signatures - Setups can use MD5 for checking self and downloaded files (prerequisites or updates) integrity.
  • Prerequisites - Create setups that can automatically search for, download and install prerequisite applications. Full CLI support from Enterprise.
  • Install/update Windows Installer - Set it as prerequisite and your setup will be able to download and update it on the target machine.
  • Latest version check - On launch, check online for a newer version of this installer, and if available, download and install it instead.
  • Bootstrapper UI - The Bootstrapper UI has Enhanced UI rendering engine with MSI Dialog table, making the EXE and MSI dialogs indistinguishable.
  • Bootstrapper for Desktop Bridge apps - On launch, we check on which OS the package is running and install an MSIX(AppX) package, for Windows 11, or an MSI for older systems.

User Interface

  • Change banners and images - Customize the way dialogs look during the installation process by changing the background banner images.
  • Over 75 bundled setup themes - You have over 75 built-in custom themes to effortlessly give your application a professional (and gorgeous!) look.
  • Additional Dialogs - Select one of the available pre-built dialogs to appear in front of the user during the installation.
  • Background image slide shows - Schedule image slide shows during the install of your application. Advertise your brand and products, show off their abilities.


  • Create packages in other languages - Currently localizations in 31 languages for MSIs, EXE bootstrapper and all helper utilities are already included.
  • Localize in a new language - Translating additional languages is as easy as editing an XML file generated as a dictionary of untranslated strings.
  • Multilingual packages - Generate a single MSI or EXE file with all the desired languages. Automatically match the end-user's default language.
  • Language Selection Dialog - Allow your users to select any installation language from the languages included in your installer.
  • Localize UWP package - Localize your Universal Windows Platform package and distribute it worldwide through the Microsoft Store.

Automatic Updater

  • Advanced Updater tool - Highly configurable and versatile, it automatically checks for, downloads and installs patches and updates.
  • Visual Updates Editor - Edit your updates configurations visually in dedicated projects and build in multiple locales.
  • HTTP authentication, HTTPS - Downloading over HTTPS is supported, as well as HTTP authentication which prompts for a user and password.
  • Server-side license check - Server-side license check is supported, as another way to hinder piracy.

Windows Store

  • Windows Store Apps - Package your applications for next generation deployment in Windows 8/8.1/10 and beyond with AppX.
  • Import Windows Store Apps - Import and edit existing Windows Store App packages using the friendly Advanced Installer GUI.
  • Mobile Installers - Create CABinet packages that can be used to install applications on Windows CE / Mobile platforms.
  • MSIX ∙ Desktop Bridge - Full support to build, debug and customize MSIX(AppX) packages for your Win32/.NET applications, through Desktop Bridge. Create UWP and WSA packages from your existing projects.
  • Package Support Framework - Migrate to the MSIX package standard by using the built-in support for the Package Support Framework.

Internet Information Services (IIS)

  • Web Sites and Web Applications - Configure and deploy Web Sites, create Front Page Server Extensions, Web Application Mappings, etc.
  • Import Web Applications - Quickly configure web sites, virtual directories and application pools by importing directly from your working configurations.
  • Virtual Directories - Configure and deploy Virtual Directories, associate a Web Application, open FTP access, etc.
  • Configure IIS server - Configure the IIS server, register ISAPI filters, backup the metabase, open the Management Console, FastCgi Applications.
  • Application Pools - Assign specific configuration settings to a worker process (or processes) that services a group of applications.
  • IIS 5.1 to 10 - Full support for IIS 5.1, 6, 7, 8, 8.5 and 10 running on Microsoft Windows XP all the way to Windows 11 and 2012 R2 Server OSs.
  • User Accounts integration - Configure anonymous access for IIS or authentication fully integrated with the User Accounts functionality.
  • HTTPS/SSL configuration - Configure HTTPS/SSL parameters for websites: bindings, digital certificates and options.
  • ASP.NET support - Dedicated wizard. Register your ASP.NET (including .NET 4.5) web application with IIS 7/8 or with IIS 5/6.
  • Configure Custom Properties - In addition to the dedicated UI features, custom properties help you modify the majority of IIS 7 or above attributes/collections.

For Java Installer Features

  • Console/GUI Java applications - Package both console applications (within a terminal window) and GUI applications (that have a graphical user interface).
  • Write Win32 services in Java - Quickly and easily create, package, install and run Win32 services written in Java.
  • Multiple Java applications per package - Install several Java applications (each with its own settings and native launcher) with the same package.
  • 100% native code, no JVM overhead - Installers contain only native code and technologies, for the smallest footprint and the tightest platform integration.
  • Wizard for Java Project creation - Use the wizard to create complete Windows and Mac OS X installers for your Java application in mere minutes.
  • Import Eclipse projects - Point Advanced Installer to your Eclipse project and it will instantaneously create your installer and launchers.
  • Import IntelliJ IDEA projects - Powerful wizard employed to help you create installation packages by importing IntelliJ IDEA workspaces.
  • Pack200 packing for JAR files - Coupled with LZMA compression, can reduce the size of code archives to as low as 20% of the initial size.
  • Flexible ClassPath, Library and System paths - Include JAR files, folders, Windows Installer properties and environment variables in your application's paths.
  • Edit JVM parameters - Easy to use GUI to edit runtime options, system properties, VM command line and other parameters.
  • Powerful memory sizing options - Specify JVM initial and maximum heap and stack sizes, fixed or in bounded physical memory percentages.
  • JRockit JRE - Bundle or run your Java applications using the JRockit Java Runtime Environment.
  • JRE bundling - Create packages that include a private JRE for your application or a bundled one to install on the computer.
  • JRE/JDK prerequisite - Check if the right JVM is present on the target machine and, if necessary, download and install it.

Java Native Launcher

  • JRE/JDK detection and selection - Powerful and customizable way to find the installed JVMs and to select the one fitted to run your application.
  • Your process name instead of java/javaw - Set your own process name to appear in the task manager and the Windows XP task bar groups.
  • Custom application/EXE icon - Include a professional native Windows ICO icon in your executable, with multiple resolutions and color depths.
  • File version and name for executable - Embed the version information and name into the generated executable file of your Java application.
  • Instant-on native splash screen - A custom splash screen displayed as soon as the EXE file is launched, without having to wait for the JRE to load.
  • Java 6 native splash screen - Use the standard Java 6 native splash screen API if available, or fall back on the one provided otherwise.
  • User friendly error handling - Errors are treated internally, or if not possible, presented to the user well explained and with solution suggestions.
  • Single application instance - Optionally enforce a system-wide unique instance of your product, redirecting secondary launches to this instance.
  • Stdout and stderr redirection - Redirect the standard streams to files so the user can check for errors and exceptions even for GUI applications.
  • Native 64-bit launcher - A native 64-bit Java launcher version allows you to load your application into a discovered (or bundled) 64-bit JRE.
  • Embed JAR in EXE - Protect your application code and simplify deployment by running your JAR directly from the native launcher, without an extraction.

Mac OS X Packages

  • Mac OS X standalone bundles - Create standard, standalone, native application bundles for your Java products to be installed on Mac OS X computers.
  • Java applications for Mac OS X - Build standalone Java applications ready to be signed and published on the App Store.
  • Translate Windows settings to Mac OS X - Every installer setting with an equivalent on Mac OS X will be used directly like it is used in the Windows package.
  • Platform-specific Mac OS X settings - Settings that are specific to Mac OS X can be specified separately for the best platform integration.
  • Minimum Mac OS X version - Specify the minimum version of Mac OS X required to run your application.
  • Native Mac OS X icon - Specify a ICNS file to be used to graphically identify your application on Mac OS X.
  • Mac OS X splash screen - Display a specified splash screen when launching your application on Mac OS X.
  • Mac OS X localization - The Mac OS X packages are also easily localizable, with a number of built-in languages already included.
  • Mac OS X file associations and mime types - Define document types and associate them with your application.

Enterprise Edition Features

  • XML Search - Search in XML files and return the values of elements, attributes or text nodes.
  • Update XML files - Insert, replace or remove elements and attributes in XML files. Patch XML config files, register in XML frameworks.
  • Update TXT files - Insert, replace or remove any string in any file type installed by your package or already present on the target machine.
  • Licensing - The licensing module offers ready to use trial and registration (with maintenance plans) functionality for your application.
  • Install Drivers - Specify drivers for install using the Windows Driver Install Frameworks (DIFx), version 2.1.
  • Convert EXE installers to MSIs - Powerful wizard will convert any EXE setup into an MSI ready for network deployment through Active Directory.
  • User Accounts and Groups - Allow your installers to create user accounts and groups on the user's computer.
  • Task scheduler - Create and fully configure tasks to be run by the native Windows Scheduler service.
  • Scheduled Updates - The Updater integrated with the Task Scheduler allows you to run updates from the Windows Scheduler service.
  • CD/DVD Autorun - Quickly enable your product to automatically start from CDs and DVDs. Powerful, customizable, Windows 7-Ready launcher.
  • Folder sharing - Easily share folders on install, setting the sharing permissions for secured access.
  • Configure Windows Firewall - Add your application to the exception list during installation, and remove it during uninstallation.
  • Games Explorer integration - Easily and fully integrate your games in Windows Vista's Games Explorer, specifying ratings, genres, art and more.
  • Media Center registration - Register your games in Windows Media Center and allow your users to run them directly from there.
  • Windows 7 Libraries - Easily create or add to existing Libraries like “Documents”, “Pictures” or “Music” on Windows 7.
  • Embedded Chainers - Embed multiple MSIs in a unified setup package and install them chained in a single, atomic transaction.
  • Prerequisites Repository - Save the prerequisites you defined and reuse them in other projects.
  • Multiple Instances - Allow the installation of multiple instances of your product on the same computer.
  • MSI Transforms - Capture user input during an install or the differences between two MSI databases into a Windows Installer transform.
  • Custom Tables editor - Visually define new tables and columns, insert rows in your MSIs. Add and edit additional data for your custom actions.
  • Direct Table editor - Visually edit your MSIs and MSMs at database table and row level, customizing your installers to the tiniest detail.
  • MSI and MST Diff - Highlight MST content or MSI differences within the Table Editor. Optimize your work by reverting changes on the fly.
  • Test in VM - Avoid damaging your local machine when testing the installation by running it in a provisioned virtual machine.

Dialog Editor

  • Modify and Create Dialogs - Control every detail of the UI of your MSI packages. Add, change or remove controls, dialogs, texts and more.
  • Full Billboard Editor - Spice up your installs, advertise your application's features (in text and images) during setup.
  • Dialog Repository - Save time and work by reusing the dialogs and dialog templates you create in other projects.
  • Wizard for Control Event creation - Handy wizard to assist you when accomplishing the more difficult tasks of Windows Installer UI.
  • Print Control - With just a couple of clicks, add a fully functional Print... button to your License or Readme dialogs.
  • Browse for File - Add a predefined Custom Action allowing your users to select a file (license, DB, etc.) during your installer's UI.
  • ListBox & ComboBox controls - Predefined Custom Actions for populating, deleting and extracting data from ListBox and ComboBox controls.
  • Collect user info - Predefined Custom Action for collecting user information during install and POST-ing it to your web server.
  • UI Testing - Test your installer's User Interface as you create it, without building the full package every time.

Enhanced User Interface

  • External UI - External UI implementation improving the way your installers look and feel. UAC compliant.
  • Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista controls - On Windows Vista or higher, use true color icons as large as 256x256 pixels and Command Link controls.
  • HTML Host control - Create HTML UIs in your installer, scripting with JavaScript. Included Windows Installer - JavaScript full two-way bridge.
  • Additional controls - Feature Selection Tree with checkboxes, checklist, native OS Browse for Folder dialog, hyperlink, enforced EULA lecture.
  • Global Progress - Deterministic, installation-global progress tracking events. Correctly estimate installer completion and avoid user confusion.


  • Windows Installer MSP patches - With Advanced Installer you can quickly and easily create patches for your applications.
  • Removable Patches - Advanced Installer generates patches that can be uninstalled separately on Windows Installer 3.0 or higher.
  • Patch Sequencing - Guarantees your patches are always applied in the order you want (Windows Installer 3.0 or higher).
  • Wizard for MSP Project creation - Use the provided wizard to create Windows Installer Patches in mere minutes.
  • Patch EXE bootstrapper - Pack your patches in EXE files for simpler deployment. Specify custom icons, file descriptions and versions.

Merge Modules

  • Create Merge Modules - Package the independent components you use in your applications as stand-alone MSM files.
  • Wizard for MSM Project creation - Use the provided wizard to create Windows Installer MSM Merge Modules in mere minutes.
  • Configurable Parameters - Allow your users to customize the Merge Modules you provide. Specify what can be changed and how.

Server & Web Apps

  • Microsoft Web Deploy - Publish Web Applications to Microsoft Azure and IIS from installers using Microsoft Web Deploy.
  • Tomcat Web Applications - Simple-to-build installers to easily and quickly deploy your web applications into Apache Tomcat.
  • Deploy SharePoint 2016 solutions - Included wizard will painlessly create standard MSI installers to deploy SharePoint 2016 solutions.
  • Windows Server Roles - Advanced Installer simplifies how you install roles on the server and lets you install multiple roles at the same time.
  • IIS Browse - Help your users easily pick target Web Sites, Virtual Directories and Application Pools by showing a list with what's available.
  • Microsoft Silverlight Applications - Use the dedicated UI to manage deployment solutions for Microsoft Silverlight OoB (out of browser) applications.


  • SQL Scripts - During install, configure servers and deploy SQL scripts for Microsoft, Oracle, Postgre and MySQL databases.
  • SQL Queries - Interrogate SQL databases and use the retrieved information during the installation.
  • SQL Server Reporting Services - Upload reports, datasets or data sources to an instance of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Transaction Support - Full transaction support for running SQL Scripts on transaction-capable DBMSs.
  • Sandbox Test - Test SQL Queries and Connections in an isolated environment on your development machine.
  • SQL Server Browser - Automatically discover and list Microsoft SQL Servers available on the network at install time.
  • Allowed Databases List - List all databases the user with the associated credentials is allowed to connect to.

Architect Edition Features

  • MSI/MST Editor - Create transforms or quickly edit existing MSI packages directly from the Advanced Installer GUI.
  • MSI Conflict Detector - Detects possible installation conflicts between a selected MSI and other MSIs from the repository.
  • MSIX Modification Packages - Extended and update your MSIX packages. Decouple your main application package from its updates, speed up Windows 11 updates.
  • MSIX Package Editor - Get an instant view of your package content and customize anything from Advanced Installer’s friendly user interface.


  • Installation Repackager - Painlessly capture and repackage existing installations into MSI packages. The repackager has UI automation and its own CLI.
  • VMware Repackager - Choose between performing the capture either on your development machine or on a VMware virtual machine.
  • Hyper-V Repackager - Choose between performing the capture either on your development machine or on a Hyper-V virtual machine.
  • Docker Repackager - Native integration for Docker containers. Repackage applications that support silent installation switches and convert them to MSI or MSIX.
  • Repackaging in Remote Machines - Choose to complete a repackaging session into a remote machine.
  • Smart Repackager - Detect and preserve high-level constructs like services, drivers, file associations, environment variables and assemblies in scan results.
  • 64-bit Repackager - Capture and repackage installations on 64-bit systems, detecting 64-bit specific components and behaviors.
  • Desktop App Converter - Capture installations of Win32/.NET desktop applications, with full UI or silent, and convert them to MSIX(AppX) format. Customize them using the dedicated GUI.
  • Compare output with original package - Verify what resources were added, modified or removed in the repackaged installation by comparing the results with the original installation.
  • Repackager Assistant - Record repackager settings, take notes and capture screenshots of the installation.
  • Repackaging Updates - Migrate your project customizations from an older version of your repackaged application when repackaging a newer version.

Application Virtualization

  • Build App-V Packages - Full support for Microsoft's Application Virtualization technology. Effortlessly build App-V 4.x or App-V 5.x packages for your software.
  • App-V Import - Create installation packages by importing existing App-V packages. Convert App-V 4.x applications to App-V 5.x.
  • App-V GUI Editor - Open App-V 5.x packages with Advanced Installer, edit and save the changes from our friendly GUI, no sequencing.
  • App-V CLI Editor - Use the TweakAppV.exe command line interface tool as a scripting alternative to the graphical interface editor.
  • VMware ThinApp - Full support for VMware's ThinApp technology. Easily create a virtualized version of your application from your installer.
  • VMware ThinApp Import - Create installation packages by importing ThinApp project folders.

Mobile Device Management

  • SCCM Deployment - Save time by using the integrated deployment to System Center Configuration Manager. CLI is included.
  • Deploy App-V packages with SCCM - Comfortably manage virtual and physical applications deployment through SCCM and more.
  • Microsoft Intune Deployment - Deploy your applications to Microsoft Intune by using our wizard or CLI.