AH Formatter v6.6 MR11

Released: Feb 6, 2020

Updates in V6.6 MR11


  • FO – The following issues have been corrected:
    • A table footer repeated the border of the previous row-spanned cell.
    • Even though relative-align “baseline” was specified in fo:list-item, the baseline of fo:list-item-label and fo:list-item-body could not be aligned.
    • Crash with a document that had fo:float with axf:float-move="keep" specified.
  • CSS – The following issues have been corrected:
    • When a page break occurred within a column, the position of the block with position: absolute; was specified shifted.
    • The pseudo element created by :before could be misaligned.
    • The character string specified by string-set was not displayed.
  • Other:
    • Corrupt PDF with linearize option and EPS image.
    • "error exists on this page" reported by Acrobat when opening Formatter PDF output.
    • Acrobat preflight reported an error with PDF/A-2a output.
    • Missing glyph error referred to the incorrect font.
    • SVG clip-path problem.
    • Part of the SVG image was missing.
    • SVG output used k100 as a color.
    • SVG tspan element did not use xml:space="preserve".