Altova European Banking Authority (EBA) XBRL add-in for Excel Releases

Released: Oct 14, 2020

Updates in 2021


  • XBRL Taxonomy Manager - This add-in for Microsoft Excel supports prior versions as well as local taxonomies for several European countries. While these taxonomies have always been available as a separate, free installer, Altova now provides an XBRL Taxonomy Manager directly in the software that offers an easy way to select required taxonomies and versions to use with the add-in. The XBRL Taxonomy Manager makes it easy to view the taxonomies installed on your system and check whether new...

Released: Mar 17, 2020

Updates in 2020 Release 2


  • New Enterprise Edition with batch conversion - In this release Altova has introduced a new Enterprise Edition for the EBA XBRL Add-in for Microsoft Excel. The existing product has been renamed Basic Edition and includes all previous functionality. The Enterprise Edition introduces a new button in the EBA tab of the Excel ribbon that allows for batch conversion of EBA XBRL reports into Excel documents. Files are still validated during batch conversion, with any errors reported at the end...

Released: Oct 17, 2018

Updates in 2019


Support for additional extension taxonomies - In addition to working by default with the EBA taxonomy, the Excel Add-in supports additional, local taxonomies for validation and report creation.

  • BDP (Banco de Portugal) taxonomies - covers additional requirements from the Banco de Portugal, defined in this extension to the EBA taxonomy.
  • DNB FTK (De Nederlandsche Bank Financieel Toetsingskader) taxonomies - mandated for supervisory reporting on pension funds in the Netherlands.
  • BOE (Bank...

Released: Oct 4, 2016

Updates in 2017


  • End users create XBRL directly in Excel.
  • No technical XBRL expertise is required.
  • Excel template makes it easy to enter EBA data.
  • Export XBRL button generates EBA XBRL data.
  • Import XBRL button imports EBA XBRL data into Excel.
  • EBA Filing Properties entry helper assists with data entry.
  • Tables selector window lets you navigate to or hide tables.
  • Cell Documentation window provides useful information about cell contents.
  • Data validation with comprehensive messaging about errors and...