Amazon Integrator .NET Edition

Amazon Integrator provides easy-to-use components for accessing Amazon Web Services including Simple Storage Service (S3), Simple Queue Service (SQS), SimpleDB, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and E-Commerce Service (AWS). Amazon Integrator’s components can be used to add, modify and delete objects stored on S3 or SimpleDB, add or remove messages from SQS, integrate with ASW e-commerce services, or control EC2 instances.

The Amazon Integrator provides an interface for accessing many Amazon Web Services.  The components integrate seamlessly, providing your applications with access to a wide range of Amazon capabilities including storage, messaging, and e-commerce services.

Amazon Integrator features:

  • Easy-to-use components for accessing Amazon S3, SQS, SimpleDB, EC2 and AWS.
  • Small and lightweight components with no dependencies on external libraries.
  • Native development components for all supported platforms and...

Latest News

Amazon Integrator .NET Edition 2016
Amazon Integrator .NET Edition 2016
Adds support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.
Amazon Integrator adds new Components
Amazon Integrator adds new Components
New version adds support for Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Simple Notification Service (SNS) and Glacier Storage.
Amazon Integrator adds AES encryption
Amazon Integrator adds AES encryption
Leverage always-on access to Amazon's online storage, messaging and e-commerce services.
One software license is required per development workstation. Run-time royalty free.

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