FileUp Professional

Unlock the full potential of file transfer with client-side control and flexibility.

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Please note that in November 2019 SoftArtisans decided to sunset SoftArtisans FileUp Professional Edition.
Existing FileUp Professional customers with valid maintenance will be supported until the end of their maintenance agreement at which time they may elect to purchase maintenance on FileUp Standard Edition.

FileUp Professional

FileUp Professional Edition (FileUpPE) is a powerful file transfer bundle that adds flexible file management and an ActiveX control (XFile) to the dependability of FileUp Standard Edition. With FileUp PE you get powerful server-side code for processing requests, with a rich client-side component for making the requests. FileUp Professional will enhance your applications and help overcome inefficiencies with browsers that aren't fully compliant with RFC1867 (Form-based File Upload in HTML). It includes server-side and client-side components for performing uploads and downloads. The server-side component is a COM object that will run in IIS.

FileUp Professional Key Features:

  • ActiveX upload & download.
  • Drag & drop.
  • Progress indication.
  • FileUp can handle transfer requests for up to 4GB, but browser web forms are limited to 2GB. XFile unlocks the full potential of FileUp.
  • Resumable uploads & downloads.
  • Setting up an application to handle Unicode in file names or multilingual support is very easy on both client and server.

FileUp Features:

  • Unique file names. Set FileUp to create unique file names for uploads in order to...

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FileUp Professional v6.0.0
FileUp Professional v6.0.0
Now includes 64-bit support.
SoftArtisans FileUp patched to V5.3
SoftArtisans FileUp patched to V5.3
A FileUp license is required on each server where FileUp software is installed. An additional license is required for every development PC and test machine where the product is installed. There are no...

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I have been doing a lot of development in ColdFusion, but have run into hurdles using the inherent <cfhttp> tags for file uploading (CF always uploads as binary even if file is a text file) and... Read more

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