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FileUp Professional Edition (FileUpPE) is a powerful file transfer bundle that adds flexible file management and an ActiveX control (XFile) to the dependability of FileUp Standard Edition. With FileUp PE you get powerful server-side code for processing requests, with a rich client-side component for making the requests. FileUp Professional will enhance your applications and help overcome inefficiencies with browsers that aren't fully compliant with RFC1867 (Form-based File Upload in HTML). It includes server-side and client-side components for performing uploads and downloads. The server-side component is a COM object that will run in IIS.

FileUp Professional Key Features:

  • ActiveX upload & download.
  • Drag & drop.
  • Progress indication.
  • FileUp can handle transfer requests for up to 4GB, but browser web forms are limited to 2GB. XFile unlocks the full potential of FileUp.
  • Resumable uploads & downloads.
  • Setting up an application to handle Unicode in file names or multilingual support is very easy on both client and server.

FileUp Features:

  • Unique file names. Set FileUp to create unique file names for uploads in order to...

Latest News

FileUp Professional v6.0.0
FileUp Professional v6.0.0
Now includes 64-bit support.
SoftArtisans FileUp patched to V5.3
SoftArtisans FileUp patched to V5.3

Prices from: $ 783.02

A FileUp Professional Edition license is required on each server where FileUp software is installed. An additional Server license is required for every development PC and test machine where the...

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baUSA5 star

I have been doing a lot of development in ColdFusion, but have run into hurdles using the inherent <cfhttp> tags for file uploading (CF always uploads as binary even if file is a text file) and... Read more

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