AppLife Update Releases

December 11, 2017

Updates in v5.4.0.0


  • New Install .Net 4.7 Actions - New actions that will install .Net Framework 4.7 and 4.7.1 on deployed clients.
  • Support Passing License Key into the Command Line Build Utility - A new optional command line argument accepts your license key, allowing the command line utility to be used with hosted build agents.
  • Disable AppLife Server Checks - A new property on the Update Controller will disable automatic checks to identify an AppLife Server as the update location.
  • New Check Folder Exists...
January 07, 2016

Updates in

  • AppLife Server 1.1 Support - Supports session-scoped publishing, including selecting from available Server Access Control Lists to govern access to newly published updates.
  • New Install .Net 4.6 Action - Deploy the .Net 4.6 framework during your next application update.
  • Improved Change Xml Node Action - The action can now insert Xml Snippet replacements (Inner Xml) as well as text replacement (Inner Text).
June 02, 2014

Updates in V5.0

  • Update Controller and Make Update tools now support publishing to and retrieving from the AppLife Server platform.
  • Check for the existence of a specified file on the deployed client.
  • Update the version displayed in the Windows Control Panel list of installed applications.
  • Check for the presence of the .NET Framework 4.5, and if not present, install the framework.
  • Read the file or assembly version number of a specified file on the client.
  • Improved HTML update summaries.
  • Update...
May 29, 2013

Updates in V4.5

  • Multiple Action Lists - Segment your update action lists into independent, callable action lists.
  • Action List Undo/Redo - The Make Update application now supports undoing and redoing user interactions while creating your update action lists.
  • SQL Server Specific Actions - Supports both transacted and non-transacted database work.
  • Use Rich Text for Update Summaries - Write update summary text using rich text.
  • Pre/Post Build Batch Scripting - Move/Copy files and take other actions...
January 11, 2011

Updates in V4.0.2.14

  • Improved Update Publishing and Management
    Publish to multiple update locations from your AppLife Update project, manage and compare update locations, move updates between locations, and more. Each configured update location can be managed and maintained independently. This is a significant shift from the behaviors of previous AppLife Update versions. Information about previous updates is no longer maintained within the AppLife Update project. Instead, this information is...
May 18, 2010

Updates in V3.2.x

  • .NET Framework 4.0 Support
    The AppLife Update Controller, Update Engine, and Windows Service now fully support the Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework. Applications that target the 4.0 Framework can integrate AppLife Update and successfully discover and apply updates from deployed systems with only the .Net 4.0 Framework or the .Net 4.0 Client Profile installed. Note: The AppLife Make Update application and build tools still require the .Net 2.0 Framework to be present on update build...