The best automated QR code reading engine

Altman Plants verified customerCA, USA5 star

Altman Plants scans and archives thousands of documents every month. Two full time employees spent most of their days manually scanning documents and entering related metadata on keyboards. We were looking for a solution that frees up these two employees to do more productive work and to eliminate user errors.

Add Quick Response (QR) codes containing metadata to documents before they get printed. Scan in documents in batches and automatically recognize the QR codes, extract the metadata, generate pdf files and archive them in the cloud.

Metadata now gets generated and converted to QR codes and printed on all our documents. We can batch scan them with any Twain compatible scanner in the market and use Aspose.Barcode.Net to recognize the QR code and extract its metadata. We then create multi page pdf files containing the scanned in images and store them on Microsoft Azure cloud storage. We use the .Net version of Aspose.Barcode in our WinForms application written in C#.

Quality & Support:
In testing Aspose.Barcode against competitor solutions, Aspose.Barcode has the best automated QR code reading engine. It recognizes 99.9% of all QR codes. Aspose’s support group responds quickly to questions regarding their products.

Altman Plants now fully relies on Aspose.Barcode.Net to generate Quick Response (QR) codes on important documents to store metadata. Leveraging the Aspose.Barcode capabilities, we plan to expand the use of systems developed using Aspose.Barcode to generate QR codes for keeping plant hybridizing information with the specimen, plant propagation, and inventory management. Marketing plans to use Aspose.Barcode generated QR codes on web and printed promotional materials to direct customers to our web site and stored PDFs to provided more detailed information than can be included in a product tag or flyer.