Aspose.Cells for Python via .NET V24.5

Released: May 11, 2024

Updates in V24.5


  • Added support for new XMATCH and XOR functions.
  • Added the ability to transpose data of the range.
  • Added support for obtaining properties of advanced filtering settings.
  • Added support for determining whether the ReferredArea is a entire row or a entire column.
  • Added the ability to export metadata of a cell into PDF, image and HTML.
  • You can now process font RGBA color with style background color.


  • Floor function returns #NUM! for negative number.
  • Remove picture in cell when set value to the cell.
  • Some formats are not yet supported when converting LoadFormat to extension.
  • Missing or incorrect SmartArt inner shape properties.
  • Asian line break issue for shapes when rendering Excel file to PDF.
  • Fixed the issue where the text box height was incorrect when the text was in Japanese.
  • Read SVG throws exception when converting HTML to XLSX.
  • Chart not rendered as expected when converting XLSX to PDF.
  • INDEX(FILTER(?);1) working incorrectly inside LAMBDA.
  • Currency format for negative value was formatted with brackets instead of '-' for Canada.
  • ISNA(INDIRECT()) was calculated as #REF! but it is true in MS Excel.
  • Formula evaluation shows incorrect value.
  • Wrong records are hiding due to Workbook.RefreshDynamicArrayFormulas().
  • The value in a cell is truncated to 255 characters in light weight mode when opening the XLS workbook in MS Excel.
  • Typo error in API for range merging.
  • Chart display error when calling SheetRender.ToImage.
  • Text with the same font displays differently when converting chart to image.
  • Excel Combo chart control rendering to an Image reduces width to 50% of the original Excel range.
  • The chart title is not rendered correct when set FarEastName and LatinName at the same time.
  • Can not display conditional formatting colour scales in GridWeb.
  • Image in header is lost when saving Excel file as PDF.
  • Excel page split to two PDF pages.
  • Excel to PDF does not maintain last row on print-preview page.
  • Skewed cells rendering error when converting file to HTML.
  • When load a HTML file, table element can not be turned into list object.
  • Some text colors are white when importing HTML file.
  • Wrong Horizontal Alignment if zero indent level is set.
  • Pivot table and pivot chart are not calculated/rendered correctly in the output image.
  • Extra rows are inserted while adding a list object without header rows.
  • Unable to copy data to the specified area after calling Worksheet.AdvancedFilter.
  • Chart formatting is changed on worksheet copy.
  • NullReferenceException occurs when calling CalculateFormula method.
  • Exception occurred while deleting cache folder.
  • Formula "TEXTAFTER" throws NullReferenceException.
  • Throwing ArgumentOutOfRangeException when loading XLS files via stream.