About Aspose.Email for iOS via Xamarin

Create, read, edit or convert email formats including MSG, EML, EMLX and MHT within iOS apps developed using the Xamarin framework.

Aspose.Email for iOS via Xamarin is a complete set of email APIs for iOS apps. Easily create, read and manipulate email messages (MSG, EML, EMLX and MHT Outlook file formats). Xamarin iOS developers can easily utilize the API to read and extract Outlook PST files and save them to MSG format. The Email messaging APIs give complete control over an email message including changing message contents and manipulating (adding, extracting and removing) attachments from a message object as it provides access to message Mapi properties.

iOS Email Processing API Features 

  • Popular Message Formats Processing
  • Manage Outlook storage files i.e. PST and OST
  • Manage Thunderbird storage files
  • Specify Email Header (sender, recipients, subject) and Body
  • Integrate SMTP client to send emails
  • Use of POP3 and IMAP clients for retrieving emails
  • Communicate with Exchange Servers (WebDav and EWS)
  • Work with calendar objects
  • Message Format Processing - The API supports popular message format processing including EML, MSG and MHTML formats. One can easily create, load, edit and update email message contents like subject, sender, recipients, body, attachments etc. Moreover the product also includes the ability to convert messages from/to any of the supported formats and read nested email message attachments
  • Work with Outlook Storage (PST, OST) Files
    • Load an Outlook PST file from disk and retrieve information about all its folders.
    • Get all messages information such as subject, sender, attachments etc from any folder in the PST file.
    • Extract messages from a PST file and save to disk in MSG format.
    • Read contact information from a PST file and save to disk in MSG format.
    • Support for reading and manipulating OST file formats.
  • SMTP, POP3, MIME and IMAP Support - Aspose.Email API helps you to create, send and receive emails using SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols. It allows you to log into POP3 servers using a  username and password or APOP authentication to perform email operations including: view mailbox size and messages count, retrieve the full message or its header, delete messages from server as well as basic POP3 commands. Aspose.Email for iOS via Xamarin supports IMAP protocol including authentication, create, delete, select, query folders, get, delete and save messages, change message flags and basic IMAP commands.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Support - Aspose.Email for iOS via Xamarin supports accessing emails from Microsoft Exchange Servers. You can list messages from a folder, for example inbox, drafts, download messages and save them as EML, MSG or MHT format. Emails and meeting invitations can also be sent using the Exchange Server. Both WebDav and Exchange Web Services (for Exchange Server 2007 or later) can be used to connect to the Exchange Server. The Email API also supports Unified Messaging operations available in Exchange Web Service (EWS).
  • Working with iCalendar API - Through its iCalendar API, Aspose.Email provides you the capability to create and save Outlook Calendar objects in various formats such as MSG and ICS. Not only you can create and save these, but you can send, retrieve, update and cancel meeting requests through message sending protocols.