About Astah GSN

Business process GSN (Goal Structuring Notation) design tool.

Astah GSN is a design tool to document arguments using the GSN (Goal Structuring Notation) which is a graphical argumentation notation to explicitly document the individual elements of arguments such as goals, solutions, contexts and its relationships and visualize the structure. Astah GSN helps provide assurance of critical properties of systems, services, organization's safety and security and can be effectively used for Safety Cases.

What is GSN?
GSN (Goal Structuring Notation) is a graphical notation developed at the University of York for specifying safety cases for safety critical systems. Several standards such as ISO26262 (Automotive E/E systems) and IEC62278 (Railway) mandate the use of safety cases and GSN supports their argumentation structures and its relation to evidences in a comprehensible yet compelling form.

Why GSN?

  • Fosters a deeper understanding of Safety Arguments across diverse Fields
  • Decreases time and effort necessary to share key concepts
  • Keeps all stakeholders informed without extensive documentation
  • and more...

Why Astah GSN?

  • Simplicity - Astah GSN is built on years of experience in the modeling community delivering a clean, quick, and intuitive modeling platform.
  • SACM (ARM) Support - SACM (Structured Assurance Case Metamodel)  ARM (Assurance Argument Metamodel) can be imported and exported
  • Accessibility - Windows and Mac are supported.
  • Conformance - Astah GSN will conform with the following standards (during alpha and beta releases some standards may not yet be met).
    • GSN Community Standard Version
    • OMG SACM


  • GSN diagrams (Complied with GSN Community Standard)
  • Mind Maps
  • Print and Print Preview
  • Export images into PNG, JPEG, EMF and SVG
  • Copy & Paste to Microsoft Office tools
  • XMI Import/Export (In SACM ARM Format)
  • Hyperlink