Astah SysML Releases

Released: Dec 1, 2022

Updates in v8.0


  • Refined UI and tons of Light/Dark Themes: You can choose your favorite theme from the pre-installed library including dark theme. Also all the menu and tool icons are renewed that brings a modern look.
  • Team Development Assist Functions: Now you can compare diagrams and models between two files.You can see the differences visually and intuitively by placing two diagrams side-by-side and also in a list to check details. After comparing diagrams, you can merge changes into one file.
  • Cameo...

Released: Mar 13, 2020

Updates in v1.5


  • Switched the bundled JRE from Oracle Java to AdoptOpenJDK.
  • Update Diagram menu is added to adjust objects’ size and layout on the diagram.

Released: May 13, 2019

Updates in V1.5


  • AdoptOpenJDK8 support.
  • Added Update Diagram menu.

Released: Nov 9, 2016

Updates in V1.4


  • High-res display support.
  • Mac Full Screen Mode support.
  • Extension on Requirement's stereotype - you are now able to add any stereotypes in addition to the pre-defined ones.

Released: Apr 29, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in V1.2

  • Copy and paste models between different files.
  • Easily set port direction.
  • Port Compartment support in BDD.
  • Enhanced alignment of ports.