About Astah System Safety

Modeling tool for safety-critical systems.

Astah System Safety is a modeling tool for safety-critical systems to support system architecture modeling, system safety assessment and analysis. This is for the automotive domain industry with self-driving cars that work with SOTIF and ISO 26262, and aerospace, railways, defense, robotics and healthcare industries where the safety property is crucial and also who are interested in adopting Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).

SysML Diagrams
Astah System Safety’s SysML support is more advanced than what “Astah SysML” offers including the abilities such as merge and comparing project files, XMI import/export, and integration with Cameo Systems Modeler by Dassault Systèmes.

  • Block Definition Diagram (BDD)
  • Internal Block Diagram (IBD)
  • Parametric Diagram
  • Requirement Diagram / Table
  • UseCase Diagram
  • Activity Diagram
  • Statemachine Diagram
  • Sequence Diagram

STAMP / STPASTAMP (System-Theoretic Accident Model and Processes) is an accident causality model based on systems theory developed by Prof. Dr. Nancy Leveson at MIT and STPA (System-Theoretic Process Analysis) is a technique based on STAMP. Astah System Safety provides the following diagrams and tables for your STPA analysis process.

  • Control Structure Diagram
  • Precondition Table
  • Control Loop Diagram
  • UCA(Unsafe Control Action) Table
  • Loss Scenario Table
  • Countermeasure Table
  • Accident Hazard Safety Constraint Table
  • CS (Component Structure) Entire view

SCDLSCDL (Safety Concept Description Language) is a language for safety architecture designs defined by Safety Concept Notation Study Group.
Astah System Safety supports one of the diagrams SCDL introduces:

  • Safety Concept Diagram

GSN (Goal Structuring Notation)
You can visualize the safety arguments using Goal Structuring Notation and also D-Case that effectively works for Consensus Building and Accountability Achievement.

  • GSN (Goal Structuring Notation)/ D-Case

Why Astah System Safety?
Astah was originally created by Japanese company ChangeVision in 2006 as a UML modeling tool. The software has grown to include six different tools, each designed to meet different diagramming needs by incorporating user feedback for more than 15 years. Astah System Safety is the latest product we proudly launched for safety-critical systems.

Astah combines STPA and SysML by enabling the models conversions which help you structure STPA analysis by directly using the SysML blocks to create Components and more. By handling the same model in a project will keep the consistency and everything is easily traceable throughout your analysis process.

XMI Import / Export of SysML models are supported which enables you to load data from Cameo Systems Modeler. You can also add the OMG XMI 2.5 format profile.