Astah System Safety Releases

Released: Mar 12, 2024

Updates in v9.0


  • Wrap Block Names: You can now wrap block names into multiple lines. In previous versions, a block name had to be shown in one line in a Block, and it wouldn't allow you to drag a Block to wrap names. In this version, you can finally drag any corner of a Block to change its size. This makes diagrams easier to read and more visually accessible than before!
  • Creation of Activities as Blocks in BDD: Effortlessly create Activities as Blocks within Block Definition Diagrams by dragging and...

Released: Jul 27, 2022

Updates in v8.0


  • Dark Theme and refined UI:Dark Theme is now available and interface designs are refined.
  • Access models via Script Editor:Now you can use Script Editor in Astah System Safety which enables you to access models via script language for model validations, conversions and whatever you need.
  • Make your diagram more expressive with custom icons:Now you can upload image files and let multiple image files associate with a single stereotype.This allows you to choose the image that matches with...

Released: Dec 9, 2021

Updates in v7.0


  • macOS support
  • Complete SysML model import from Cameo Systems Modeler: You can import UseCase diagrams and Sequence Diagrams from Cameo Systems Modeler in addition to Block Definition Diagram, Internal Block Diagram, Requirement Diagram, Parametric Diagram, Activity Diagram
  • Stereotype icons: You can upload image files and let them associate with specific stereotypes to enable you to switch the presentation of objects to the associated images
  • Ability to import model from Astah SysML and...

Released: Jul 29, 2021

Updates in v6.0


  • Model Interchange with Cameo Systems Modeler:You can now export all the SysML diagrams to XMI that is compatible with Cameo Systems Modeler.
  • Sync-Converter to maintain the model consistency:In Astah System Safety, you can convert SysML models to STAMP/STPA models or SCDL models and vice versa.
  • Expanded API support for SysML diagrams: It support APIs that include editing of requirement diagrams, state machine diagrams, activity diagrams, block definition diagrams, and internal block...