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Atalasoft WingScan

Add scanning to your custom ASP.NET or Java Web Portal application.

Published by Atalasoft
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2015

Version: 10.7 Updated: Aug 10, 2016

Atalasoft WingScan

Atalasoft WingScan is a minimal footprint web scanning client that integrates into any ASP.NET or Java website with minimal coding required. After the document is scanned, the end user can verify the integrity of the scan with a zero-footprint image viewer, and then save to MS SharePoint, Kofax Capture, or a custom database.

Atalasoft WingScan allows you to easily scan enable your web portals, apply VRS image cleanup, and send to your repository.
Scan any document at its Point of Origination in your web application without a 3rd party scanning client.

  • Scan Enable your Web Apps - Embed scanning into web apps with minimal code - without leaving your application's UI. Choose a scanner, scan, validate, then submit to a repository.
  • Automatically Clean & Rotate - WingScan VRS includes Kofax VRS features to improve...

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Atalasoft WingScan released
Atalasoft WingScan released
Add scanning to your custom ASP.NET or Java Web Portal application.
Atalasoft SDK Licensing Overview: Atalasoft offers several deployment methods. If your expected deployment method does not fit into one of the categories outlined below, or if you have any questions...

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