Azure Integrator C++ Edition

Azure Integrator includes implementations of standard Windows Azure structures such as Table, Queue, and Blob, which enable developers to quickly and easily add cloud based data storage, queue management, table configuration, and more to any Desktop, Web or Mobile application.

Azure Integrator Mac OS X / iPhone Edition
Native C++ / Cocoa frameworks for building high performance Mac OS X and iPhone applications with blazing connectivity capabilities.

Azure Integrator C/C++ Edition - Windows
The C++ Editions for Windows include native C++ classes packaged in a 32-bit Window dll. The version of choice for native Windows C++ development.

Azure Integrator C/C++ Edition - Unix/Linux
The Unix editions consists of C/C++ libraries that can be compiled against many Unix flavors...

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Azure Integrator V2 released
Azure Integrator V2 released
New version is enhanced with an all new communication layer.
Azure Integrator launched
Azure Integrator launched
Easily add cloud based data storage, queue management and table configuration to any desktop, Web or mobile application.

Prices from: $ 391.02

One software license is required per Development Workstation. Run-time royalty free. Annual Maintenance includes updates and upgrades for 1 Year.

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