BFO Publisher

BFO Publisher is a CSS layout engine. It takes HTML or XML as input, applies a CSS stylesheet to lay out the elements on one or more pages then writes the result to a PDF, just as a web browser would write the results to your screen.

BFO Publisher Features Include:

  • Input formats:
    • HTML5, SVG2, MathML4 or generic XML.
    • Anything you can convert to HTML, such as EPub, plain-text or AsciiDoc.
    • Embed SVG, bitmaps, video, audio, barcodes, 3D models and PDF.
    • All the worlds languages are supported except traditional Mongolian.
  • Output formats:
    • PDF and PDF 2.0. PDF/A-1, A2, A3 and A4, PDF/X and support for PDF/UA with full control over tags and attributes.
    • SVG, including options for multi-page files.
    • Any bitmap format, created from the...

Latest News

BFO Publisher v1.2
BFO Publisher v1.2
Automatically convert MathML 'content markup' to 'presentation markup'.
BFO Publisher released
BFO Publisher released
Take HTML or XML as input, apply a CSS stylesheet and then write the result to a PDF.

Prices from: $ 3,430.00

Production Environment (Internal Use): Perpetual license provided per server or machine when used by the company internally. Production Environment (External Use): Annual subscription-based license...

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