ClearImage MICR Reader SDK

ClearImage MICR Reader SDK provides functionality to read MICR lines from images of checks stored as an image or Image Cash Letter (X9.37) file. Obtain Routing, Account, Check number, Amount information. Extract the image of a check from scanned or faxed documents.

The ClearImage Check21 MICR recognition engine has dramatically improved our ability to find and redact check images. Inlite helped us integrate and optimize the performance of the MICR engine into our core automated data extraction and redaction products.

Arvind Ganesan, Extract Systems, USA

Recognition Features

  • MICR Standard support: E13B.
  • Read one or multiple MICR lines.
  • Enhanced algorithm for low quality images.
  • Reads personal checks, business checks, IRD, coupons, correction strips, international check.

File Formats

  • X9.37 Image Cash Letter file.
  • X9.100-180 Image Cash Letter file.
  • PDF and TIF single/multi-page.
  • JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc.
  • Windows and .NET Bitmap.
  • Bi-tonal, grayscale or color.

Check Image Extraction

  • Extract porrion of document containing check image.
  • Extracted check...

Latest News

ClearImage MICR Reader SDK v8.5
ClearImage MICR Reader SDK v8.5
Includes higher MICR recognition rate and faster barcode recognition.

Prices from: $ 490.00

The ClearImage SDK is free for development and testing. Production use of this software requires licenses. One Production Deployment Kit Runtime License enables the production software to operate on...

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Languages and Environment
  • API: COM, .NET.
  • Projects: 32-bit.