About Clever Internet Suite & Database Comparer VCL Bundle

Components for HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, SFTP (SSH), DKIM, OAUTH, SOAP and comparing and synchronizing databases.

Clever Internet Suite & Database Comparer VCL Bundle includes 50+ components that help you add SSL/TLS/SSH security and many useful Internet-related features to your applications. It also includes components for comparing and synchronizing databases structure and table data for many popular databases.

Clever Internet Suite Features

  • DKIM - sign, verify, generate public/private key pair, DNS txt record.
  • Remote procedure calls using SOAP WSDL with SOAP Security support - HTTPRIO.
  • Multiple digital signatures in SOAP.
  • Download of large files (> 4 Gb) in multiple threads.
  • Display progress information for any process.
  • Run multiple asynchronous tasks with only few threads.
  • Encrypt/Decrypt and Sign/Verify data with X509 digital certificate and specified security algorithm.
  • Client and Server components with full SSL / TLS support for FTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 protocols.
  • OAUTH authorization for SMTP, IMAP and HTTP components - GMAIL support.
  • Send/receive HTTP requests in JSON and XML format.
  • International domain names for HTTP components - IDN.
  • Easy-to-use HTTP Server.
  • SFTP Uploading and Downloading files, as well as managing files and directories via the Secure File Transfer protocol (SSH).
  • FTP Client - SSL/TLS support, FTP FXP (Site to Site) file transfer.
  • FTP Server - custom events for all operations with files and directories, virtual File System.
  • Import/Export/Sign/Verify, create Self-signed x509 certificates.
  • Secure Email with S/MIME.
  • Creating and parsing email messages in any format with file Attachments and Embedded pictures.
  • DNS Server - manage handed DNS zones and cache non-authoritative DNS records.
  • SMTP Relay - pass mail messages through a number of intermediate relay or gateway hosts on its path from sender to recipient.
  • Email validation - check mailbox availability and handle bounced emails.
  • HTML parser, GZip compressor.
  • Trace Logger - store debug information and trace your code.

Database Comparer VCL Features

  • Compare two databases, database and SQL/DDL script, two SQL/DDL scripts.
  • Synchronize data between two database tables.
  • Extract database structure.
  • Compare specific database objects or entire databases.
  • Fully-indexed help documentation. Delphi and C++Builder demo code.