CodeIt.Right Releases

Released: Jun 29, 2019

Updates in v2019.1.19180


  • Support for Visual Studio 2019.
  • Visual Studio integration now uses Async with background loading enabled. This minimizes the CodeIt.Right load in VS2017, VS2019, and on startup.
  • Code metrics report now can be performed without having to run code analysis.
  • Support for the C# 7.2 and VB 2017 language changed.
  • CodeIt.Right now uses FIPS compliant encryption.

Released: Mar 9, 2018

Updates in v3.3


  • Fixed: Resolved VS2017 Update 15.6 compatibility issue.

Released: Dec 26, 2016

Updates in v3.1


  • Visual Studio 2017 integration.
  • Official support for Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 and ASP.NET 5/ASP.NET Core 1.0 solutions.
  • Solution filtering by date, source control status and file patterns.
  • Summary report view - provides a summary view of the analysis results and metrics, customize to your needs.
  • New Review Code commands – review opened files and review checked out files.
  • Improved Profile Editor with advanced rule search and filtering.
  • Improved look and feel for Violations Report and...