CodeRush Ultimate Releases

Released: Sep 24, 2018

Updates in 18.1.12


  • Formatting - Expression-bodied properties are wrapped incorrectly.
  • Performance - The NGEN performance improvement notification is not displayed.
  • Rich Comments - Comment sizing does not work in VB.
  • Rich Comments - Embedded images are not rendered until Visual Studio is restarted.
  • Static Code Analysis - The “Possible System.NullReferenceException” diagnostics should take Lambda-Expressions/Closures into account.
  • Static Code Analysis - The “Possible NullReferenceException” diagnostic - Mark...

Released: Sep 18, 2018

Updates in 18.1.11


JavaScript & TypeScript Support

  • Now, you can use Smart Cut & Copy in JavaScript and TypeScript code.
  • This release includes a pre-release set of templates for JavaScript and TypeScript development that make it easy to declare classes, functions, variables, code blocks, expressions and more. These templates are expected be refined and evolve over the coming releases.

Member Sections

  • CodeRush templates can place generated members in dedicated target sections for those members. A...

Released: Sep 4, 2018

Updates in 18.1.10


  • Code CleanUp removes necessary parenthesis on processing the await operator.
  • Code Coverage - Profiler gets registered into the system multiple times.
  • Organize Members does not work properly if a member contains preprocessor directives.
  • Refactorings - Add XML Comments - A broken <see/> tag is created when generating xml comments for a method that references a generic type.
  • Static Code Analysis - The "Possible System.NullReferenceException" diagnostic should take generic classes with...

Released: Aug 23, 2018

Updates in 18.1.9


  • Unit Test Runner - The test runner now supports exporting test execution results to XML:
    • Test name, namespace, state, execution duration (if available), and failure details (if the test has failed).
    • Use the "Include XML documentation comments in export" to include each test’s XML doc comments in the report.
  • Code Cleanup - Use the new Apply Code Cleanup when saving a document option to automatically clean up a file before it is saved.
  • HTML and Razor Support - Structural highlighting is...

Released: Jul 31, 2018

Updates in 18.1.8


  • Code Actions - Accepting the name after applying Extract String to Resource does not work.
  • Code Formatting - Case statements are formatted incorrectly.
  • Code Formatting - The "Blank line around" option incorrectly works for regions.
  • Code Templates - The "b" (braces) template is not expanded in some cases.
  • Setup Wizard - It is impossible to disable numpad key bindings under the es-ES locale.

Released: Jul 18, 2018

Updates in 18.1.7


  • Rich Comments - With Rich Comments you can apply text formatting right inside the code editor in comments. The following Markdown-like syntax is supported:
    • **Bold**
    • *Italic*
    • _Underline_
    • ~Strike-through~
  • Unit Test Runner - With this release, you can now execute a single test case of a parameterized test directly from code. Click a CodeRush test icon and choose the desired option from the 'Run test', 'Debug test', or 'Run test with coverage' submenu.
  • Code Formatting - Enhanced formatting...

Released: Jul 3, 2018

Updates in 18.1.6


  • Shortcuts - Synchronization with Visual Studio key bindings removes manually added shortcuts.
  • Duplicate Line doesn't work properly for some statements.
  • MarkReadOnlyProvider throws an error.
  • Multiple errors appear in the log.
  • NUnit + Derived Test classes causes issues in test runner.
  • Template expansion of the block template (b) does not work.
  • The Test Runner window does not have a horizontal scrollbar.

Released: Jun 19, 2018

Updates in 18.1.5


  • Training Window - The Training Window from CodeRush Classic has been ported.
  • Code Cleanup - Added a Copyright Header Code Provider, which adds a copyright comment at the file's beginning. It is also available as a Code Cleanup provider and as a template - just press the letter 'h' at the top of the file on an empty line and press your template expansion key (e.g. Space or Tab). Before using the default header for the first time, you should configure the “First Name”, “Last Name” and...

Released: Jun 5, 2018

Updates in 18.1.4


  • Shortcuts - Bookmark 2 is placed instead of the @ symbol on AZERTY keyboard.
  • Invert Selection - Cannot add a shortcut for Invert Selection.
  • Region Painting - Arrows are not rendered in code and an empty string is shown in regions.
  • Region painting - #endregion adornment is invisible.
  • Templates - Nullable templates in Visual Basic should use the <Type>? syntax instead of Nullable(Of <Type>).

Released: May 17, 2018

Updates in 18.1


  • Code Formatting
    • Simple Wrap - The new 'Simple Wrap' formatting option allows you to configure wrapping of only those line parts that exceed the margin, performing a non-greedy wrapping and adding a minimal number of line breaks.
    • Auto Format Code - Added new options to Auto Format code as you type (after pressing the } and ; keys).
    • Extended Formatting Options - Extended code formatting options with the following settings:
      • Bitwise operators, Relational operators, null-coalescing operator...