CodeRush Ultimate Releases

Released: Jul 20, 2022

Updates in 22.1.4


  • CodeRush v22.1.3 keeps asking for registration info under certain circumstances.
  • CodeRush - Code Actions - The "Declare..." window gets closed unexpectedly after it's invoked from the lightbulb menu.
  • Declare providers aren't grouped in Microsoft Visual Studio 17.3 Preview 2.
  • Organize Members - It's not possible to type the letter 's' as part of a region name on a corresponding option page.
  • Refactoring - 'Import Missing Namespaces' doesn't work in Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 17.3 Preview...

Released: Jun 20, 2022

Updates in 22.1.3


Performance Enhancements

  • Improved Startup Performance - Improved startup performance by lazy-loading resources and settings, asynchronous initialization of internal services, reworking the way CodeRush interacts with Microsoft Visual Studio menus and toolbars, and optimizing memory use.
  • Optimized Debug Visualizer - The Debug Visualizer steps over code faster, (due to optimized communication with Visual Studio’s debugging services). Also decreased the time required to render Debugger...

Released: Apr 19, 2022

Updates in 21.2.9


Code Analysis

  • XAML Diagnostics for DevExpress WPF Components - The Code Analysis Engine can now check XAML code for DevExpress control usage issues, helping customers follow best practices with modern code. This release includes diagnostics for the following issues and legacy practices:
    • Legacy drag-and-drop - Drag-and-Drop Managers are a legacy way to enable drag-and-drop. Set the 'DataViewBase.AllowDragDrop' property to 'true' instead.
    • ColumnBase.EditTemplate is used - The...

Released: Feb 24, 2022

Updates in 21.2.8


  • IntelliRush - IntelliSense does not work in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 after an update if IntelliRush is enabled.
  • Breaking Change - The Ctrl+B shortcut has been removed from the 'Paste Replace Word' command.

Released: Feb 17, 2022

Updates in 21.2.7


  • Code Providers - Create Descendant - Create Descendant creates a descendant class or record with necessary constructors and selected overrides (choose among non-overridden abstract and virtual members declared in the ancestor classes or records).


  • Code Cleanup - Code Cleanup removes a comment in a file-scoped namespace.
  • General - The "Preview Changes" link is shown instead of the "Import Namespace" code action in the Visual Studio's Light Bulb menu.
  • Navigation - The "Ctrl+P...

Released: Jan 19, 2022

Updates in 21.2.6


Code Cleanup

  • Added file-scoped Namespace style support for C# 10 in code cleanup - You can now apply Microsoft Visual Studio namespace declaration preferences and corresponding settings from your .editorconfig file in code cleanup. This setting specifies file-scoped or block-scoped namespace body styles for C# 10. To apply the namespace declarations style to your code during cleanup, enable the "Apply namespace declaration style" code cleanup rule on the Editor | C# | Code Cleanup...

Released: Dec 15, 2021

Updates in 21.2.5


File-scoped Namespace Declaration Support for C# 10

  • The following refactorings can now be used in C# projects containing file-scoped namespace declarations:
    • Sync Namespace with Folder Structure.
    • Move File to Folder.
    • Move Type to Namespace.
    • Move Type to File.
    • Declare Partial Class Part.
    • Declare Partial Record Part.
    • Extract Interface.
  • Updated the CodeRush formatting engine to support the new C# 10 namespace declaration style as well as C# 10's new global using directives feature.


Released: Nov 11, 2021

Updates in 21.2.4


  • Performance - Debug Visualizer causes slowdowns when the availability of the "Step Into Member" toolbar action is checked.
  • Refactorings - "Remove Unused Parameter" does not update references outside the Visual Basic source file.
  • Show Color - Visual Studio crashes when named colors are used with an alpha channel.

Released: Nov 5, 2021

Updates in 21.2.3


  • Code Cleanup - Code Cleanup is not applied if the "Apply on Save" option is enabled.
  • Code View - "Structural Highlighting" does not support namespace prefixed tag names from the XHTML standard.
  • Formatting - An XML document comment is incorrectly indented if a member is wrapped in directives.
  • Navigation - "Jump to Symbol" does not work in Visual Studio 2022 17.0 Preview 5.
  • Performance - The "CodeRush is slow typing" hint is shown when using the Naming Assistant.
  • Refactoring - "Move All...

Released: Nov 1, 2021

Updates in 21.2


Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Support

  • CodeRush now installs and runs in Visual Studio 2022. You can use one of the following ways to add the CodeRush extension to Visual Studio 2022:
    • Visual Studio Marketplace - Download the "CodeRush for VS 2022" extension from the Visual Studio Manage Extensions window and run the VSIX installer to install CodeRush.
    • Download Manager - If you already have a CodeRush subscription, you can download a registered version using the DevExpress Download Manager...