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About CommStudio ActiveX

Get Connected.

Sax CommStudio makes it easy to let your application communicate using the serial port and modems. Sax CommStudio is a comprehensive set of components and visual debugging tools that integrate remote systems and devices with Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual Basic 6. Developing software that integrates with legacy systems and external devices presents significant challenges, including the need for real time communications and the lack of direct control over external systems. Sax CommStudio’s integrated debugging tools extend the power of Visual Studio beyond the desktop to external systems and devices.

Communications Overview
Sax CommStudio provides a complete communications solution for both COM and the Microsoft .NET Framework. has been a trusted leader in communications components for over 10 years. Sax CommStudio continues this tradition by combining all of the company’s experience and customer feedback into an integrated set of tools and components.

Unlimited Serial Ports:
Sax CommStudio support a large variety of serial port connections:

  • Standard built-in serial ports
  • Virtual serial ports on other systems via network software
  • Bluetooth and infrared serial ports
  • High performance serial ports using specialized hardware such as Digiboards

The number of serial supports supported on a single system is only limited by hardware. Some customers use components with over one hundred ports on each communications server.

Plug and Play Modems Made Easy:
Let the Windows Telephony API (TAPI) do all the hard work for you and you never worry about modem configurations again. In addition to modem device independence, your users will also enjoy automatic handling of dialing rules based on the user's location and area code.

Reduce technical support and increase end user satisfaction by using the settings defined in the Windows Control Panel.

Note: The .NET components in the current release of CommStudio don't include TAPI support. If you purchase today, your subscription will include a free update with this feature when it becomes available.

Fast and Reliable File Transfers:
Ten years of intense interactions with thousands of different systems have resulted in a core of very robust, highly interoperable transfer code.

Classic XModem and YModem protocols (also Kermit in the ActiveX components) will let you interface with a large variety of systems, from the smallest devices to the largest mainframe systems.
For ultimate performance and flexibility you can use CommStudio's industry-standard ZModem implementation in the ActiveX version of the components. You'll enjoy advanced error recovery, automatic streaming, and block size adjustment to get a fast transfer under even the most difficult bandwidth circumstances.

Data Mining
Many legacy applications were designed for use by human operators using a text based interface. With Sax CommStudio it's easy to automate these transactions and create a modern user interface with the speed and ease of use that your users have come to expect. Sax CommStudio includes the powerful text scanning and triggering features you need to write automated login scripts and build data mining applications.

Common User Interface Elements
Sax CommStudio comes with pre-made dialogs and UI elements for common communications related tasks:

  • File transfer status dialogs, including progress bars and statistics
  • Settings dialogs for serial ports and modem settings
  • Other UI elements such a common toolbar and general status dialogs

Increase developer productivity and provide your users with a consistent interface.

Terminal Emulation
A surprising number of applications still rely on mainframe-style terminal emulation. Sax CommStudio helps you integrate these legacy applications with a modern systems architecture.

The ActiveX component supports ANSI, VT52, and VT100 terminal emulation in full color, with scroll-back history, mouse selection, and fast screen painting.

Building a robust terminal emulator requires more than just following a terminal specifications. Sax CommStudio has been proven to work flawlessly with the subtleties of thousands of systems, from bulletin board systems to credit report services.

Diagnostics and debugging
Sax CommStudio's robust communications components based on ten years of market leadership are only the beginning. The real gain in developer productivity comes from Sax CommStudio's advanced debugging and analyzing tools. Detailed logging and visual analyzing of problem areas let you zoom in on the point of failure in minutes rather than days. The integration of rock solid components with visual diagnostic tools provides a unique advantage, and results in considerable gains in developer productivity and application quality.