ComPDFKit (PDF SDK + Conversion SDK) for Windows

ComPDFKit consists of ComPDFKit PDF SDK and ComPDFKit Conversion SDK. Developers can integrate PDF Annotations, Format Conversion, Digital Signature, Smart Forms, OCR, redaction, and more capabilities in their applications on Windows (iOS and Android platforms are also available) and the web with ComPDF Kit PDF SDK. ComPDF Kit Conversion SDK uses native conversion without any server-side dependencies such as Microsoft Office or LibreOffice, which ensures the security of private information.

ComPDFKit PDF SDK features include:

  • Standard page display modes, including scrolling, double page, crop mode, and cover mode.
  • Navigation with thumbnails, outlines, and bookmarks.
  • Create, edit and remove annotations, including notes, link, free text, line, square, circle, highlight, underline, squiggly, strikeout, ink, and stamp.
  • Annotation appearances.
  • Form fields: push button, check box, radio button, text field, combo box, list box, and signature.
  • PDF manipulation, including split pages...

Latest News

Convert Scanned Docs into Editable, Searchable PDFs
Convert Scanned Docs into Editable, Searchable PDFs
February 27, 2024Product Update
ComPDFKit Conversion SDK v1.10 optimizes document workflows by converting scans into PDF files that can be easily searched and edited.
Add PDF Find and Replace Functionality to Your Apps
Add PDF Find and Replace Functionality to Your Apps
January 24, 2024Product Update
ComPDFKit PDF SDK v1.12.0 includes new functionality in content editor mode that allows users to easily locate and change text.
Convert Extracted Content from PDF to JSON
Convert Extracted Content from PDF to JSON
November 27, 2023Product Update
ComPDFKit Conversion SDK v1.9.0 (available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android) introduces an API that allows you to extract data from PDF files and convert it to JSON format.
Enhance PDF Security with Digital Signatures
Enhance PDF Security with Digital Signatures
November 3, 2023Product Update
ComPDFKit PDF SDK v1.10.0 adds digital signature support, allowing users to accurately identify the creator and signer of a document.
ComPDFKit PDF SDK v1.10.0
ComPDFKit PDF SDK v1.10.0
October 20, 2023New Version
Adds support for digital signatures.
ComPDFKit Conversion SDK v1.8.1
ComPDFKit Conversion SDK v1.8.1
September 21, 2023New Version
Integrate OCR functionality into your own app in the form of a plugin.

Prices from: $ 4,233.60

One license is required per application, per year. A license is for one application on one platform, for internal distribution only. There is no limit to the number of developers. Examples of licenses...

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