About PowerTCP FTP for ActiveX

Copy files between your client and any FTP server.

PowerTCP FTP for ActiveX can be used on either the client or the server to perform file transfers with only a single line of code. Options are set using simple properties and data files will even spool to memory. Directory lists are captured as objects, so parsing is eliminated. The PowerTCP FTP for ActiveX even includes an MGET method, to download multiple files - even an entire directory tree - with only a single line of code. Includes a .NET wrapper DLL, 9 VB.NET samples and .NET documentation.

PowerTCP FTP for ActiveX Benefits & Features

  • Get method downloads ANY file with only one line of code
  • Mget method downloads multiple files with only one line of code (even directory trees)
  • Put method uploads ANY file with only one line of code
  • Mput method uploads multiple files with only one line of code (even directory trees)
  • Login Method combines connection set-up and authentication into one easy step
  • FTP Restart command is fully integrated
  • Progress event is perfect for monitoring file transfers
  • Passive Property makes this control "firewall-friendly" in most environments
  • Retrieve and Store methods handle file transfers and include automatic support for restarting transfers that were previously incomplete
  • File transfer options are set using simple properties and are automatically sent only when needed, making this control exceptionally efficient AND easy-to-use
  • Files can be transferred between the server and disk OR memory, making this versatile control a superior performer for advanced applications
  • Listing property formats listings into properties for file name, size etc., eliminating the need to write and debug parsing code
  • Not dependent on anything but system WINSOCK services (Wininet.dll not required)
  • Compatible with Novell 5.0 FTP Server
  • Use on any IIS Web site
  • Includes internal support for automatic zip compression/decompression of transferred files (for a stand-alone zip utility, see the PowerTCP Zip Compression Tool.)
  • Can be used in BOTH event driven and scripted (blocking) application designs
  • ActiveX COM control can be used in traditional client applications and services as well as scalable ASP applications

PowerTCP FTP for ActiveX Sample Projects

  • FTP ProxyLogin – Demonstrates how to use the 5 basic types of FTP proxies/firewalls. Visual Basic 5/6
  • FTP Import – Allows users to enter file URL into a dialog. Provided that the file is the correct format it will be downloaded and imported into the database. Written using Access97
  • FTP ListView – Demonstrates an FTP Client application using blocking techniques. Written in Visual Basic 6, Visual C++ 6, PowerBuilder and Delphi 4
  • FTP MListView – Demonstrates a robust FTP Client application that transfers entire directories using drag and drop. Written in Visual Basic 6
  • FTP Client – Demonstrates the use of FTP commands using non-blocking techniques. Visual Basic 5/6
  • Get URL – Demonstrates the use of the Get Method written in Visual Basic 5/6 and Visual C++ 6
  • GetSite – Uses the MGet method to retrieve an entire directory tree. Written in Visual Basic 5/6
  • PutSite – Uses the MPut method to store an entire directory tree. Written in Visual Basic 5/6
  • PutUrl - Demonstrates the use of the Put method

PowerTCP FTP for ActiveX Potential Uses/Applications

  • Superior replacement for IND$FILE on OS/390 systems (preserves PDS structure)
  • Automate uploads/downloads to/from any FTP server using NT scheduler
  • Build a turn-key application for upload/download of enterprise data, integrating graphic display of downloaded files
  • Use with ASP to tranfer files to/from the Web Server
  • FTP reports to corporate headquarters
  • Build a proxy that downloads Internet files for users on a local network
  • Upload data files to a UNIX server, execute a task to crunch the data, download and parse the result into an SQL database
  • Automate data file downloads for updating stock market charts
  • Automate upload of dynamic images to web site
  • Webcam automated uploader
  • Check file timestamps on any FTP Server