About PowerTCP Web Enterprise for ActiveX

Communicate with servers using HTTP and HTTPS using a server-optimized tool.

Perfect for client-side development and completely server-safe for ASP, PowerTCP Web Enterprise for ActiveX is a collection of ActiveX components and objects that include HTML parsing, resource collecting, and certificate management. Use it to fetch a complete web page with only one method call, provide control of security aspects of HTTP/S, support URL cracking to identify separate parts, and more. Secure connections fully supported highly customizable.

PowerTCP WebEnterprise for ActiveX provides client-side SOAP compatibility with the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit. This latest version contains the WebASP control, which completely replaces Microsoft's HTTP connector enabling concise control over the transport of a user's SOAP payload. It allows for advanced debugging, fine-tuned security requirements, header flexibility, and the choice of creating a synchronous or asynchronous architectural model in a client-side SOAP solution.

A HTML parser and resource collector

  • Certificate Management cpability
  • Secure conections fully supported
  • Easily fetch a complete web page with only one method call
  • Fully supports blocking(for scripting applications) and (non-blocking operation ( for event-driven applications)
  • Provides easy control of security aspects of HTTP/S
  • Progress event is perfect for monitoring file transfers
  • Custom cookies can be specified in the NEW GETEx mehtod
  • Put and Get mehods will spool fields directly to/from disk memory
  • Full proxy server support including selective bypass
  • Persistent internal cache supoort for quick second-time page fetches
  • Control supports URL cracking to identify seprarate parts: scheme, remote host, data pathe, etc


  • 100% .NET compatible using .NET COM interop, samples included
  • The WebASP ActiveX control is optimized for server-side ASP pages, whereas the WININET-dependent controls are not designed for server-side use
  • Web and WebASP ActiveX COM controls communicate with Web Servers world-wide using HTTP and HTTPS
  • Automate submission of web forms, schedule/retrieve web page content, put/get files to/from web servers, generate a site tree
  • Control security aspects of HTTPS
  • Progress event is perfect for monitoring file transfers
  • Custom cookies can be specified
  • Put and Get methods will spool files directly to/from disk or memory
  • Proxy server support includes selective bypass
  • URL cracking support parses queries into parts
  • Can be used in both event driven (asynchronous) and scripted (synchronous) application designs
  • Wrapper classes included for convenient integration into Visual C++

Some uses of WebEnterprise for ActiveX include:

  • Convert HTML into plain text
  • Reproduce Web sites locally
  • Navigate HTML tables
  • Automate search requests
  • Create Web site testing tools
  • Create a desktop or ASP SOAP Web Service Client
  • Check web server availability and performance
  • Automate submission of web forms from a client application or ASP page
  • Extract web page content, parse for information, and insert into an application or database
  • Post files to any web server using Post or Put (HTTP or HTTP/S)
  • Get files from any web server using Get (HTTP or HTTP/S)
  • Pull down web documents on a schedule
  • Generate a site tree
  • Script dynamic URL queries when your ASP page is accessed
  • On an ASP page, perform any HTTP activity (POST, PUT, GET) from the server side
  • Retrieve real-time stock and futures trading information
  • Easily create your own search engine

Sample Projects:

  • PageFetch - Demonstrates how to fetch a web page
  • Post Demo - Demonstrates how to post information to a web site
  • LinkSpider - Demonstrates how a spider can be built to search for information on the Web
  • WebAlive - Compares the download performance of any two web pages. Useful for comparing the relative performance of mirrored web servers
  • PageFetch - Using the WebASP Control, demonstrates a simple HTTP application that fetches a web page
  • Post Demo - Using the WebASP Control, demonstrates a simple HTTP POST application

What’s Included: WebEnterprise for ActiveX installation comes complete with the following:

  • 20 Controls/Objects
  • 15 Full Sample projects
  • 7 ASP/ASP.NET Samples
  • Debug Server for debugging and protocol testing
  • Full MS Help 1.3 Documentation, including examples