About PowerTCP Winsock for ActiveX

Build robust Internet administration and management capability into your application.

PowerTCP Winsock for ActiveX provides everything you need to add advanced Internet functionality into your applications. Includes TCP and UDP protocols, Daemons (services), Ping, Domain Name Service (DNS), multicast, and more. Features include: advanced debugging, automatic error reporting, in-bound and out-bound buffering, etc. Useful in any application that requires communication over the Internet.

PowerTCP Winsock for ActiveX: Controls for TCP, UDP, Daemon, DNS, Ping, and RAS provide the building blocks you need for basic Internet application development.

These easy-to-use controls offer superior buffer management, the use of variants supporting String and Byte-array data, and optional blocking, making this tool exceptionally complete and versatile.

  • Intuitive On-line Help
  • TCP
  • Daemon
  • UDP
  • Ping
  • RAS
  • DNS
  • Multicast

Potential Uses/Applications:

  • Build a personal stock quote application.
  • Create a multi-threaded server.
  • Write a custom client/server protocol.
  • Create dynamic pages using a TCP Control on a Cold Fusion server.
  • Develop inter-process communications.
  • Build an lpd print server.
  • Broadcast UDP packets to check for software licensing.
  • Create a chat program using multicast capabilities.
  • Use ping to continually check status of company network devices.

Sample Projects:

  • Web Server a simple multi-threaded VB application serves up web pages
  • TCP Client shows non-blocking interactive operation
  • TCP Blaster shows blocking interactive operation
  • UDP Client shows how to build an interactive "chat" utility
  • RAS Client shows dial-up operation
  • Ping Client ping any host on your network
  • DNS Client demonstrates interaction with any Domain Name Server
  • WebAlive compares the performance of 2 web servers (VB only)
  • Chat Client uses a simple protocol and multicast datagrams to join chat sessions

Benefits & Features:

  • Advanced Debugging
  • Automatic error reporting through the COM interface
  • Easy to use in blocking or non-blocking environments
  • Advanced in-bound and out-bound buffering
  • TCP Search Method supports variable length records and line processing, eliminating the need to search for termination characters and simplifying buffer management
  • TCP Fill Method supports fixed length binary records, simplifying buffer management and reducing the code needed to send and receive binary structures
  • UDP supports raw datagrams, providing the ability to access advanced protocols like ICMP
  • UDP supports multicast datagrams, allowing you to send and receive streaming protocols, and to easily construct chat programs
  • RAS can be invisible or visible, simplifying user configuration
  • DNS Control bypasses Winsock system services, so you can query ANY Domain Name Server on the Internet
  • Ping Control will confirm the presence of any host on the Internet, even if hosted server applications are not responding
  • Controls can operate on separate threads, so Server Applications can be written using apartment model multi-threading features

What’s Included: The Winsock for ActiveX installation comes complete with the following:

  • 8 Controls/Objects
  • 41 Full Sample projects
  • 8 ASP/ASP.NET Samples
  • Debug Server for debugging and protocol testing
  • Full MS Help 1.3 Documentation, including examples