About PowerTCP Zip Compression for .NET

Easily add zip functionality to your .NET Windows or ASP.NET applications without sacrificing power or flexibility.

PowerTCP Zip Compression for .NET is designed for flexibility. This component enables file and Stream compression and decompression as well as the ability to configure every item in an archive to exacting specifications. The powerful Archive component, the heart of PowerTCP Zip Compression for .NET, represents and manipulates all data as a collection. This method of data management allows you the flexibility of mixing uncompressed data with previously compressed files and recompressing them into new archives.

Developers using Microsoft ASP.NET will benefit from the extensive Stream support in PowerTCP Zip Compression for .NET. All compression and decompression operations include support for objects that implement a Stream interface. This capability allows web developers to seamlessly compress data and return it to a requesting client without writing temporary files and enabling write-access on the server. Stream support is also great for seamless compatibility with other products that output or input Streams.

Other great features include QuickZip and QuickUnzip shortcut features that allow for zip operations with only one line of code, wildcard support for batch operations, multi-threaded asynchronous capability for "behind-the-scenes" operation, the ability to span across multiple disk or create split files, fully configurable self-extraction executables, and support for reading the gZip file format.

  • 100% managed code
  • WinZip, PKZIP, and UNIX gZip compatible
  • Streams fully supported as data sources or destinations for compression and decompression operations
  • QuickZip and QuickUnzip short-cut methods provide a high-level interface; while the Archive collection lets you conduct fine-tuned operations
  • Self-extracting executables can be easily created with full control over the functionality of the self-extractor
  • Supports spanning to multiple disks or multiple files across a single disk. Spanning fully compatible with WinZipR
  • Compression has three levels of control
  • Store data without compressing. Great for storing already compressed files such as images
  • Supports standard zip encryption
  • Designed with multi-threaded asynchronous functionality
  • Allows user-interface events to process during synchronous use
  • Thread-safe on critical members
  • Royalty-free distribution license
  • Integrated Help 2.0 documentation includes over a dozen tutorials and a comprehensive reference guide with full support for dynamic help
  • Supports VS.NET, Delphi 8, C# Builder, and other .NET compliant development environments