DB Change Manager Multiplatform Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for DB Change Manager Multiplatform, please contact our IDERA licensing specialists.

Licensing and Deployment Solutions
The Workstation (Named User) option is perfect for individual users; while the network-based named and concurrent licensing options provide a flexible, cost-effective solution for organizations with a larger number of users, who want the ability to share and manage a pool of licenses.

Workstation (Named User) License
A Workstation license is locked to one machine ("node-lock") or one person ("named user"). A node-locked Workstation license can be installed on only one machine and cannot be used concurrently. A named user Workstation license is registered to an individual and the named user is the only person permitted to use the product. The Workstation licensing options work best for power-users who need a copy of the software available on their workstation at all times. A Workstation license does not require installation of a license server.

Note: A Workstation License is ONLY valid in the country of purchase or country as specified on the "ordering documentation" (except within the European Union (EU) where, by law, any license purchased within the EU can be moved within any country within the EU). If you ship it to another country the license is no longer valid and will have to be repurchased for the required country.

Network Named User License
Network Named User is similar to Workstation licensing in that a license is designated to an individual. Licenses are managed over a network using AppWave. An administrator installs AppWave a central location on your network where users are authorized to operate the product. The Network Named User is guaranteed access to that license at all times or until the Administrator revokes access.
This option has many advantages including centralized administration, fast and easy provisioning and de-provisioning of software assets, and asset management features including usage reports.

Concurrent License
Network Concurrent licenses are managed through AppWave. It provides users with the flexibility of using any product, but will only acquire a license when the application is open. This license option tracks the number of simultaneous users. If the number of simultaneous users exceeds the number of purchased licenses, anyone who subsequently tries to start the software is denied access.

Delivery Note: We have an automated order & fulfillment process. After placing your order you will receive an email from ComponentSource with software download links and licensing instructions, usually within 1 hour. At weekends you may experience a delay in fulfillment until the following Monday or next business day.

License Agreements