About dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL

Compare and sync table data in PostgreSQL.

dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL is a tool for table data comparison and synchronization. You can also generate data synchronization scripts and execute them to eliminate differences. Comparison results are displayed in a convenient UI and it's easy to review differences and perform further analysis and synchronization. You can also select which objects to show and how they will be shown.

dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL Features

Full or partial table data sync

  • Just select the data to synchronize in the grid with comparison results. Set the output options to manage synchronization script and click Synchronize. The synchronization script will appear in a split second.

Flawless data synchronization scripts

  • Automatic generation of sync scripts to eliminate PostgreSQL data inconsistencies.
  • Execute the generated script to immediately deploy table data changes.
  • Save the script to a file to sync tables between databases afterwards.

Data comparison automation

  • The tool provides a variety of options to save time on routine PostgreSQL data diffs management, including:
    • Saving comparison project for the future use.
    • Saving comparison settings to a command line arguments file.
    • Using command line interface for automatic routine synchronizations.
    • Creation of a command line execution file (.bat) and run it with Command Prompt or PowerShell.
    • Scheduling database data comparison with  Windows Task Scheduler.

Explore differences between two databases

  • Comparison results are neatly displayed in a convenient UI that makes the analysis of PostgreSQL table data diffs easy and smooth. The tool allows customizing data diffs display by:
    • Object type (objects with different or identical records).
    • Object origin (Source or Target).

Compare inconsistent data

  • The tool automatically maps the compared objects, including tables, views, columns, and schemas. The default object mapping can also be customized to map the tables with different names and structure.

Custom query comparison

  • You can compare an actual table with its query result. You may also specify a WHERE clause expression to prevent the comparison of unwanted rows.

Accurate comparison reports

  • Present the results of PostgreSQL data as a handy comparison report for neat presentation of the comparison results.
  • Report formats (Excel, HTML).
  • Customize the set of comparison data to be included to a report.