dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server, please contact our Devart licensing specialists.

We can supply any dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server license including new subscriptions, subscription renewals, and upgrades.

Single User License: Install, activate, operate, and use the software on one computer per license. You may also install, activate, operate, and use an additional copy of the software on a second computer, portable device or laptop for the exclusive use of the primary user.

Subscription benefits:

  • Free access to any product upgrades and releases for 1 year
  • Personal support - timely help, bug fixes, access to resources

Standard Edition Features

  • Support of SQL Server
  • Comparison of all SQL Server database objects
  • Comparison and synchronization of database properties
  • Creation and comparison of schema snapshots
  • Rich options to customize schema comparison and synchronization
  • Generating comparison and synchronization reports
  • Execution of extra large scripts

Professional Edition Features - everything in the Standard Edition plus:

  • Comparison of native SQL Server backups
  • Support of version control system to track database changes
  • Command line interface

License Agreements

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August 07, 2022


Is the license permanent (perpetual) or temporal (time-limited)?

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server licenses are permanent. You can continue to use the purchased product after your subscription period ends.

What happens after my subscription expires?

You can continue to use the products included in your subscription for as long as you require. Subscription expiry means that you will no longer be issued any product updates or new product releases. It is possible to renew your subscription at a lower cost than buying a new license.

Can I co-term (align) my existing licenses?

Yes - ComponentSource can arrange to co-term your licenses, even if they were not originally purchased through us. Please call us or to discuss your needs.

Can I add a new license to my existing Devart account?

Yes - you can add new licenses of the same product(s) or new licenses of different products to your existing Devart account.

Can I upgrade my license?

Yes. Upgrades are available from Standard Edition to Professional Edition.

Can I buy an old product version?

Devart does not offer old versions for sale directly. However, if you are a licensed user, you can download any previous version from the Devart Registered User's Area.

Can I install my license on more than one machine?

Yes. You may install, activate and use an additional copy on a second portable device, laptop or home computer for the exclusive use of the same person only.

Can a license be transferred from one developer to another?

The license ownership can be transferred to another person or company, but you must contact Devart to specify contact information for the new owner of the license. For full information, see the License Agreement.

What type of support do I get?

Users with a valid subscription are entitled to Priority Support, which is carried out over email and has a two business day response policy. Users who do not have a subscription can get support through the Community Forums.

Does dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server require online / offline activation?

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server requires license activation. In order to activate, login to the Devart Registered User's Area.