About dbForge Studio for SQL Server

A SQL Server IDE for efficient database development.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server is an IDE meant for management, administration, development, data reporting, analysis, and a lot more tasks in SQL Server. This GUI solution can simplify and speed up all complex tasks and any database-related routines. Design databases, write SQL codes, compare and synchronize databases, schema, and data, generate meaningful test data, and much more. It is a feature-rich and much more functional alternative to SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

dbForge Studio for SQL Server provides the following benefits:

SQL Coding Assistance

  • Increase the code writing productivity:
    • Code completion creates a full SQL statement in a few keystrokes.
    • SQL formatting ensures meeting the common coding style and standards.
    • T-SQL Analyzer improves the code quality, applying configurable rules.
    • SQL snippets save your time by storing and reusing particular code fragments.
    • Quick object information shows informational hints for database objects.
    • Code navigation lets you quickly jump to variable declaration, object editor, etc. by simply clicking F12
    • Initially, these features were present in SQL Complete only, and now they are a part of dbForge Studio for SQL Server.

Source Control

  • Implement the source control system into the processes of database development and deployment. The respective feature of the dbForge Studio allows users the following:
    • Link database to the most popular source control systems
    • Source-control a working folder
    • Perform all source-controlling tasks visually in a handy interface
    • Track changes history
    • Resolve conflicts

Index Manager

  • The tool’s purpose is to analyze the status of SQL indexes and fix the fragmentation issues. You can collect the stats on index fragmentation immediately and detect databases in need of maintenance. Rebuild and reorganize SQL indexes instantly in a visual mode and generate SQL scripts to apply in the future.

Unit Test

  • An intuitive and convenient tool was developed to automate unit tests. It is based on the open-source tSQLt framework, allowing SQL developers to write unit tests in regular T-SQL. The robust functionality of the tool grants stable and reliable code development and appropriate regression test at the unit level.

Table Designer

  • A table is a key object in any database that is also most difficult to configure. With the help of elaborated SQL Table Designer, you can:
    • Set the table properties in a visual editor quickly.
    • Edit scripts for creating database tables.
    • Rebuild tables after introducing complex changes.
    • Preview changes before applying them to any SQL database object.

Database Designer

  • An incomparable set of visual database tools allows you to visualize, create, and edit SQL Server databases in a visual mode. There is no need to write code. Drag & drop the database on the diagram, and it will display the objects and their connections and dependencies immediately. Among the features of the tool, the following ones are worth mentioning:
    • Database diagrams and scaling.
    • Printing large diagrams.
    • Virtual connections.
    • Visual Database Editor.
    • Learn More
    • SQL Server Management - Database Designer

T-SQL Debugger

  • A must-have for server-side logic if you are working with SQL Server databases. It's integrated into the stored procedure editor. Start debugging by clicking on the Database Explorer tree.

Query Profiler

  • Locate bottlenecks and optimize slow queries using numerous advanced options.

Schema Compare

  • Apply this tool when you are planning any major change in the database structure:
    • Synchronize database schemas with complex object dependencies.
    • Early detect development errors.
    • Create schema snapshots capturing the database structure.
    • Detect drifts on production databases.
    • Create deployment scripts for different SQL Server editions.

Data Compare

  • An essential SQL Server tool helps you transfer data from one server to another:
    • Synchronize table data between servers.
    • Analyze data differences and create reports.
    • Compare databases with different structures.
    • Schedule regular data synchronization.
    • Compare table data in SQL Server backups.

Data Generator

  • This tool generates huge volumes of meaningful test data to populate the SQL Server database tables. Numerous predefined generators offer flexible configurations to emulate column-intelligent real-world data.
    • 200+ meaningful generators
    • 15+ Basic generators
    • User-defined generators
    • Command-line interface


  • A handy tool for documenting SQL Server databases:
    • Overview of the database schema
    • Include self-documenting SQL objects
    • View dependencies on the object and database levels
    • Customize documentation look
    • Generate documents in HTML and PDF formats

Query Builder

  • Create complex queries instantly using the mouse only. The tool comprises visual editors for each query clause and creates relations between tables automatically. You can work with subqueries and edit INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries visually.

Data Export and Data Import

  • The tools are crucial for populating databases with external source data and migrating data between systems. 10+ widely used data formats are supported. Use many advanced options, apply templates for recurring scenarios, and automate import and export jobs through the command line.

Database Administration

  • An integrated Security Manager helps you administer the database confidently and safely:
    • Manage user accounts and logins.
    • Assign roles and privileges to users.
    • Grant and revoke user permissions.

Server Event Profiler

  • A dedicated interface helps you create, manage, and analyze trace results.
    • Create a trace
    • Watch the trace results on the run
    • Store the results in a table
    • Start, stop and modify the trace results

Data Editor

  • This tool provides you with many handy options for data managing. Edit, filter, sort, and copy randomly selected cells. You can export the necessary data to the INSERT query quickly and also apple numerous features to make your efforts more efficient.

SQL Server Reporting

  • SQL Report Builder supports the chart plotting. It converts your data into neat and good-looking reports and allows you to build visual SQL data reports in 9 different formats. With the help of the command-line interface, you can schedule automatic report delivery.

Master-Detail Browser

  • The feature lets you view data in related tables simultaneously. It is convenient for express data analysis, locating specific records, and detecting logical errors in databases. Visual diagrams help users set up communications immediately and go directly to view the data.

Pivot Tables

  • The tool removes the necessity of going into SQL subtleties to the group and summarize data. Visual Pivot Table Designer with its advanced filtering and presenting the data in a visual graph makes the data easier to read, understand, and analyze. But note that the table designer does not generate pivot SQL queries for use outside of the program.

Copy Database

  • Transfer SQL Server databases from one server to another with a wizard:
    • Customize the transfer settings
    • Handle errors smartly
    • Save and copy projects for the future use


  • The tool fulfills the needs of monitoring and reviewing SQL Server performance and activity. It becomes much simpler to analyze and manage any changes on SQL Server.
    • Monitor the SQL Server and database activity (CPU and memory workload, deadlocks, read/write and IO latency, tasks related to waiting, batch requests, etc.)
    • Get the data input/output statistics
    • View the database metrics
    • Analyze resources related to SQL Server
    • Query the use of wait statistics
    • Sort the most complex and time-consuming queries quickly
    • Receive valuable information about active user connections
    • Monitor storage location, size, and date of backups

Find Invalid Objects

  • Detect, fix, and analyze invalid objects that often take place during the database development process. The tool allows for locating the objects that cannot be compiled or executed and generating effective scripts to manage them.
    • Searching and detect invalid objects across many databases
    • Analyze and report search results
    • Manage objects through Script as ALTER and Script as DROP buttons
    • Navigate through the Find Invalid Objects grid comfortably

DevOps Automation

  • The feature allows for efficient implementation of database Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery:
    • Organize the DevOps process with dbForge cmdlets for PowerShell
    • Make us of database CI/CD both on-premises and in the cloud with the Azure DevOps plugin
    • Customize the CI/CD pipeline steps in a familiar automation server with the Jenkins plugin
    • Enjoy Continuous Integration with the TeamCity plugin
    • Set up continuous integration, deployment, and delivery with the Bamboo plugin