About Studio Controls for .NET

Healthcare Scheduling to Enterprise Resource Management and UX Design.

Studio Controls for .NET offers enterprise developers a complete set of Windows design and data presentation software components targeted for developers looking for industry tested commercial scheduling and UI presentation controls. Studio Controls for .NET includes 17 royalty-free .NET Windows Forms controls for Outlook style scheduling, snap in reporting, standard Windows design and intuitive end user navigation and data presentation functionality.

Adding Outlook style scheduling, calendaring and navigation is quick and easy with Studio Controls for .NET. The product comes with 17 royalty free - appointment scheduling, Outlook Bar style navigation, calendar, date selection and UI presentation components, as well, DBI's top of class List and TreeView controls. Also found in Studio Controls for .NET are a selection of Navigation, Data Edit and Input controls, a tabbed interface control, digital display, customizable button, Tool Tip, Label and dashboard meter controls.

Importantly, DBI's underlying Data foundation layer, incorporated into Studio Controls for .NET, gives developers a single-point for the supporting data structures of the dbiCalendar, dbiDayView and dbiMonth controls. Developers can connect their scheduling data to DBI's underlying data manager (dbiPIM.dll) and communication with each instance of the controls is one direct reference. Studio Controls for .NET comes complete with sample applications and source code written in C# and VB .NET.

All DBI component software products include one full year of technical support, component updates, product upgrades and online 24x7 software license management.

What's Included with Studio Controls for .NET

  • dbi Button control - fully customizable button control
  • dbi Calendar control - create any style and format calendar presentation
  • dbi Calculator control - custom fill styles and presentations for your own application branding needs
  • dbi Date control - present one month, a quarter, a year or any number of months is a single presentation
  • dbi DayView (multi column, variable day / resource view) control
  • dbi Dial control - dials are great for quick view dashboard presentations
  • dbi Digit control - present alpha numberic information in a variety of digital presentations
  • dbi Drop Date control - an elegant presentation for selecting dates
  • dbi ExplorerBar ( Outlook Bar ) control
  • dbi Gauge control - great for quick view dashboard presentations
  • dbi Label control - create unique labels for your application branding requirements
  • dbi List - Tree View control - great data presentation and navigation all in one control
  • dbi Meter control - create effective dashboard presentations
  • dbi Month control - the perfect control for presenting a month's worth of appointment activity
  • dbi Slider control - set form navigation with full style and theme options
  • dbi Tabs ( tab interface ) control - create tabbed interface presentations quickly
  • dbi Tips ( Tool Tip ) control - deliver additional contextual information with this multi - aspect tool tip control
  • Fully documented sample applications written in C# and VB .NET
  • Samples demonstrate important features of each control in the product;
  • Compiled sample applications encapsulated in a quick demo launcher;
  • Complete detailed technical documentation and Developing With tutorials for each control;
  • Double click Product Manager provides direct access to all product assets

Primary Features of Studio Controls for .NET

  • Ready for Visual Studio 2012
  • 17 Royalty Free WinForm controls for:
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Outlook Style application navigation
  • Date presentations and date pickers
  • Calendar views
  • Data presentation and Dashboard presentation controls
  • Snap in reporting and data presentations with the List and Tree View control
  • Create tabbed interfaces with the dbiTab control
  • 32bit and 64bit support - Studio Controls for .NET has been compiled and licensed for any CPU