About DEXTUpload Pro Extension

Upload/download without limitations.

DEXTUpload Pro Extension includes DEXTUpload Pro and DEXTUploadX. DEXTUpload Professional is an Active Server Component enabling you to upload files to Microsoft Internet Information Server from a Web browser. It conforms to the internet standard RFC 1867 and can be used in Microsoft Active Server Pages. Uploading mass storage files is easy with DEXTUpload providing rapid upload speeds and low resource occupancy. Users can check and monitor the upload progress in real time with a Server-side graphical progress indicator. DEXTUploadX is a client-side ActiveX component and it allows you to add upload and download functionalities to your server. DEXTUploadX works on HTTP environment with RFC1867 standard. It supports unicode file name and form data and works on multilingual environment. It offers intuitive and various UIs to users and offers various APIs and Events to developers.


  • It is possible to install and distribute existing DEXTUpload Pro and DEXTUploadX in the same server. The DEXTUpload Pro Extension product is composed of DEXTUpload Pro Extension version and DEXTUploadX Extension version and ProgID, ClassID differ from existing products.
  • It minimized modification on existing codes for upgrading from exsting DEXTUpload Pro or DEXTUploadX. For details, refer to manuals and samples.

Characteristic of DEXTUpload Professional

  • Transmission of files of more than 2GB - Possible to transfer almost unlimited file size steadily.
  • Supports resumed uploading - Possible to resume stable uploading even when uploading is interrupted by internet disconnection, temporary stop by the user.
  • Supports transmission speed limit - Transmission speed can be limited from client side within supported bandwidth.
  • Supports file add/delete during transmission.
  • Supports pause during transmission - Transmission can be paused while uploading or downloading files.
  • Removed limit in number of transmitted files - Removed limit in maximum number of transmitted files of 512 files by changing transmission method. However, there may be display errors on UI caused by increase in number of files.
  • Supports all functions of DEXTUpload Pro and DEXTUploadX