About DEXTUpload Pro

Add the ability to upload files to your Web applications.

DEXTUpload Pro is a HTTP based server-side component which supports upload files from web browsers to web server; also available on IIS host with any versions of Windows servers. DEXTUpload is now used in more than 7,000 web sites with the highest performance and reliability among the upload components in Korea and abroad.We are improving development productivity and convenience through continuous and diverse support for add-on functions.

Who needs DEXTUpload Pro?
DEXTUpload Pro is a very powerful and useful upload component for those who want to upload files to their web servers. If you are operating Web mailing service, Web forum, Web-based Cloud services and Web-based photo shop, you are the one who absolutely needs DEXTUpload Pro.

Main Features of DEXTUpload Pro

  • Powerful Uploading Function
    • It’s possible to upload 2GB files.
    • ATL Technology and optimized parsing Algorithm make uploading speed even faster.
    • It supports transaction when multi-file uploading error happens.
    • Users may rewrite uploaded files, save files with different names and automatically create a folder.
    • It’s possible to upload files with various form data.
    • It supports capacity limit, upload timeout setting function.
    • It perfectly supports Unicode-based Form data and file names.
    • In case of data transmission using HTTP, it is impossible to upload 2G or more due to limitation of web server (IIS). It supports unlimited large capacity (2G or more) upload function by linking with client products. (DEXTUploadX5)
  • Powerful downloading Function
    • Caching function of DEXTUpload Pro helps to minimize the use of File I/O, which improves the speed of downloading. (Works with version or earlier, only supports up to Windows 2008 server)
    • Partial Content Download
    • Users can directly download files without opening the files on the Browser.
    • Users can use 'enable Chunked Encoding' setting from v4.X without modification in IIS Settings
  • Image Processing Function
    • Users can watermark uploaded images to write letters on the images.
    • Users may thumbnail uploaded images to adjust the size of images.
    • It supports various file convert formats (BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG)
    • It provides detailed information about image files created by digital camera.
    • It provides format, width, height information about various types of image files. (BMP, EMF, EXIF, GIF, Icon, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF etc.)
    • Users do not need to buy additional Component for simple image processing.
  • Compatibility notes with previous versions
    • Blob related functions that were supported until v3.X can not guarantee 100% stability of system related resources (dll), so they are no longer supported.
    • UI functionality (Progress) is no longer supported due to differences in compatibility with each browser.
    • By removing the unstable function as described above, the code used in the existing v3.X can not be 100% rehabilitated.
    • The BLOB function should be implemented by yourself. It is recommended to use client component for the function that supports Client UI (Progress).
    • Caching for files with high download access is not supported from v4.X.

Obtained GS Certification from Telecommunication Technology Association (TTA)
GS Certification stands for Good Software (Excellent Korean Software). This specifies that the software had met the requirements as specified in the Quality Certification Standards of Software (MIC Notification 2000-81, 2000.10.31) as enforced by the Enforcement Ordinance Article 10-3 of the Software Industry Development Act. TTA reviews the quality of the software in accordance with the relevant regulations and TTA standards and issues this mark to qualified software.(Certification Date: Dec 11 2006 | Certification Number: 06-0210)