About dotConnect for Oracle

A 100% managed ADO.NET data provider for direct high performance access to Oracle servers for the .NET Framework.

dotConnect for Oracle offers all Oracle data types support, including Oracle XML type, and Oracle object types OBJECT, VARRAY, TABLE, REF, provides extended functionality, ability of monitoring query and stored procedures execution, advanced design-time editors. dotConnect for Oracle supports Unicode, PL/SQL tables, connection pooling and array binding features, enables TAF support and working with Oracle homes and offers a lot of useful features.

dotConnect for Oracle is a data provider to direct access to Oracle database server for the Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework. It is completely based on ActiveX Data Objects for the .NET Framework (ADO.NET) technology. ADO.NET provides a rich set of components for creating distributed, data-sharing applications. It is an integral part of the .NET Framework, providing access to relational data, XML, and application data. dotConnect for Oracle data provider can be used in the same way as the SQL Server .NET or the OLE DB .NET Data Provider. dotConnect for Oracle can access Oracle server using Oracle Call Interface (OCI) or through TCP/IP directly.

OCI is low-level native application programming interface to access to Oracle database. Using OCI allows to create lightweight and fast applications working with Oracle. However, this way of communicating with Oracle server requires Oracle client software installed, which may be undesired or even impossible. For such cases dotConnect for Oracle provides an ability to use Direct mode. In Direct mode the provider connects without Oracle client and requires only TCP/IP protocol that allows to build really thin database applications.

dotConnect for Oracle provides functionality for connecting to Oracle database, executing commands, and retrieving results. Those results can be processed directly, or placed in an ADO.NET DataSet for further processing while in a disconnected state. While in the DataSet, data can be exposed to the user, combined with other data from multiple sources, or passed remotely between tiers. Any processing performed on the data while in the DataSet can then be reconciled to Oracle database. dotConnect for Oracle data provider is designed to be lightweight. It consists of a minimal layer between Oracle database and your code. This extends functionality without sacrificing performance.

Here are some key features of dotConnect for Oracle Data Provider:

  • Direct mode to access without Oracle client
  • 100% managed code
  • High performance
  • All Oracle data types support
  • Support Oracle object types OBJECT, VARRAY, TABLE, REF
  • Support Oracle XML type
  • Easy to deploy
  • .NET Compact Framework support
  • OracleScript component to execute scripts
  • OracleLoader component for fast loading data
  • OraclePackage component for easy working with PL/SQL packages
  • OracleDataTable component to retrieve and manipulate data from Oracle server data source
  • Metadata retrieval support
  • Ability of monitoring query and stored procedures execution by DBMonitor
  • Array binding feature
  • PL/SQL tables support
  • PL/SQL records support
  • Transparent Application Failover support
  • OS authentication enabled
  • DBA privileges to open a session with
  • Fill DataSet with several REF CURSOR
  • Fill DataSet with object, array and nested table data
  • Structural representation and editing of Oracle objects with OracleDataTable component
  • Advanced connection pooling
  • Paginal access to query result
  • Asynchronous execution support
  • Base-Class-Based provider model
  • Working with Oracle homes
  • Advanced design-time editors
  • Integrated OraDeveloper Tools for browsing database schema, manipulate database objects and visual building of queries
  • Wrapping PL/SQL packages with Package Wizard
  • Easy migration from MS OracleClient and ODP.NET with Migration Wizard
  • Help integrated into Visual Studio .NET