About EiffelStudio

A complete IDE.

EiffelStudio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development, powered by the Eiffel language. EiffelStudio has a comprehensive suite of tools and services that enable programmers to produce correct, reliable, and maintainable software and control the development process.

If you want to create fast, robust, scalable applications, then EiffelStudio is the tool for you. Model your system as you think – capturing your requirements and your thought processes with EiffelStudio. When you are ready to design, you build upon the model you just created, still with EiffelStudio. And then you implement with EiffelStudio. You never need to throw anything out and start over. You don’t need extra tools to be able to go back and make changes in architecture safely.

Roundtrip engineering?
It’s built in by design.

Testing, metrics and productivity tools?
They’re built in. As a result EiffelStudio accommodates efficiently new thoughts on supporting business change fast and flexibly.

Develop core-business software applications that are scalable, long-lasting, advanced, adaptable and have high business value, whether you are in finance, defense, energy, healthcare or any other industry. EiffelStudio is also a solution of choice for Cloud Computing applications, allowing you to deploy your application on a server and enabling clients to access it remotely.

Design by Contract™ and powerful debugging
Prevent 90% of the bugs from occurring in the first place – and what bugs remain are easily traced and repaired. Design by Contract is a unique mechanism that demands and simplifies the production of quality software. It ensures that your code will have substantially less errors because it follows “the rules” of development. Our customers tell us that because of Design by Contract, they can dramatically lower the number of bugs and spend more time designing. In short it makes programming fun again. Continue ...

Clean syntax
Create easy to read classes with Eiffel’s simple, unambiguous plain-English syntax. This greater readability makes the development and maintenance of large and/or multi-participant systems about 10 times easier.

Fast Executables
Eiffel is very performance-focused, and produces executables that are comparable in speed to C/C++ code with far less development effort or expertise required. Eiffel also employs system-wide optimizations that are not possible with other languages.

Seamless development
The best way to manage change in the development process. No more modeling, and then starting over again to design and implement. EiffelStudio allows you to model bulletproof software, design it, implement it, test it, deploy it, realizing the build-test-deploy process – in one continuous flow, within the same tool, in the same language. Continue ...

Automatic Testing
EiffelStudio is the only IDE that automates testing and finds the bugs for you. Continue ...

Void Safety
A guarantee that no object references will have null or void values. Continue ...

Parallel programming
Object-Oriented Programming without the pain. Continue ...

Reusable code
Allows to shorten development time by a factor of 2 to as much as 10 times and gives the opportunity for cost savings and productivity improvements that lie in the back end of software development.

Model-driven development
Many of the mechanisms that give Eiffel its power as a programming language double up as modeling facilities, applicable to the description of today’s complex systems independently of any computer implementation concerns. Continue ...

Multi-platform development
Allows you to create applications once and run them virtually anywhere. Not `create once, debug everywhere’ as you find in other “multi-platform” solutions. Compile to Windows (.NET), Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, Embedded, VMS …