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Enterprise Architect is a collaborative modeling, design and management platform based on UML 2.5 and related standards. Agile, intuitive and extensible with fully integrated, powerful domain specific high-end features at a fraction of the cost of many competitors. An enterprise wide solution for visualizing, analyzing, modeling, testing and maintaining a wide range of systems, software, processes and architectures. Team based, with a proven track record and 380,000+ users worldwide; Enterprise Architect is the scalable, standards compliant toolset that is perfect for your next project. For power users and those working across multiple domains, the Ultimate Edition offers the complete Enterprise Architect experience. With deep support for Business Modeling, Software Engineering and Systems development, seamlessly integrated into a single development environment, you and your team can always remain in touch and in control of even the most complex and exacting projects.

Executable UML models, SysML, BPEL and more
The Ultimate Edition lets you drill down to the lowest levels of systems design and construction, with SysML, executable code generation for standard and hardware description languages. Business users can leverage BPEL, the Rules Composer and executable UML - in addition to all the advanced features that come with other editions of Enterprise Architect. Software developers can integrate their Eclipse and Visual Studio projects with their UML models and...

Latest News

Enterprise Architect 14.1 (Build 1429)
Enterprise Architect 14.1 (Build 1429)
Publish Package as Profile now exports the current package regardless of where it is selected.
Enterprise Architect 14.1 (Build 1428)
Enterprise Architect 14.1 (Build 1428)
Publish Package as UML Profile now available in all editions.
Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition v14.1 (Build 1427)
Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition v14.1 (Build 1427)
Includes enhancements to user security, code miner, SysML Parametrics Expression Editor, diagrams and more.
Enterprise Architect v14 (Build 1423)
Enterprise Architect v14 (Build 1423)
Direct Microsoft SQL Server connections now available using Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server.
Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition v14 (Build 1422)
Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition v14 (Build 1422)
Maintenance release adds improvements and fixes.
Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition 14
Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition 14
Enhances the modeling experience, introduces a tailored modeling environment, plus new model patterns.

Prices from: $ 685.02

One software license is required per user. Available in a number of editions Enterprise Architect is ideal for a wide range of projects, team sizes and target platforms. Professional Edition - Starter...

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