ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition Releases

Released: May 22, 2020

Updates in 18.3


  • Core product support for the latest versions of PostgreSQL.
  • Added the ability to send email notifications when an object that a user is following has changed.

Released: Dec 6, 2019

Updates in 18.2


Extensive support for Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouse:

  • Access Redshift via platform-specific ODBC interface
  • Includes all Data Architect core features, such as forward & reverse engineering, DDL & ALTER script generation, and compare & merge
  • Publish and view Redshift models in Team Server

Two new MetaWizard import bridges:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Aurora Database (via JDBC)
  • W3C XML Schema Definition (XSD) 1.0 Reverse Engineering

Released: Aug 22, 2019

Updates in 18.1


  • New MetaWizard bridges extend the number of accessible platforms:
    • AWS Aurora import bridge.
    • Salesforce Database import bridge.
    • SAS Base SAS Code, Data Integration, and Library import bridges.
    • W3C XML Schema Definition (XSD) 1.0 Forward Engineering export bridge.
    • SAP Data Services (BODI/BODS) data lineage bridge.
  • Numerous Data Architect usability enhancements:
    • Improves conflict resolution when checking models into the repository.
    • Several usability improvements when working with Business...

Released: Apr 5, 2019

Updates in 18.0


  • 20+ new Metadata Import bridges added to Enterprise Team Edition, including Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, SAP HANA Database, and Snowflake Database
  • Significant updates and improvements to the Team Server installation and configuration processes
    • Oracle 12cR2 has been certified as a deployment platform for repository and Team Server.
    • DB2 is no longer available as a supported Team Server hosting platform.
    • Improved database connection verification is provided within the repository...

Released: Jul 19, 2018

Updates in 17.1


  • New Repository/Team Server Hosting Platforms, allowing customers to use the latest technologies.
    • Windows Server 2016 OS
    • SQL Server 2017
  • Team Server/Repository TLS 1.2 certification, allowing compliance with more stringent security requirements.
  • Repository Permission Improvements. An individual user will now have access to a project folder or diagram if any group they belong to has access. This provides better consistency and usability in managing repository permissions.
  • Performance...

Released: Feb 2, 2018

Updates in 17.0.2


  • Improved interactive model viewer user experience utilizing all available screen space.
  • Improved publishing of data model diagrams containing a large number of attachments.
  • Numerous usability improvements to the Repository and Team Server configurator.


  • Corrected an issue in Oracle hosted environments when checking in diagrams with very large attachments.
  • Corrected installation issues for some DB2 hosted environments.

Released: Feb 28, 2017

Updates in 2016+


ER/Studio Business Architect

  • Implemented unique tokens to identify repository checkout records - In this release of ER/Studio Business Architect, checkouts now include a unique identifier or token to easily resolve identification issues when attempting to check in a workspace to the Repository. Previously, workspace checkouts included the host machine name as part of the identifier in the checkout record. This process caused issues in virtualized environments when the host names did not...

Released: Jan 19, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 2016

  • Business Data Objects (BDOs) - Represent master data and transactional concepts with multiple entities and relationships, such as products, customers and vendors.
  • Automated Naming Standards - Associate naming standards templates to specific models or submodels as well as objects to ensure consistency.
  • Teradata Support Enhancements - Added support for v15.10, plus derived period and temporal options and XML and JSON datatypes
  • Platform Support for Azure - Added new native support...

Released: May 14, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in XE7

  • Automated Naming Standards - The automated application of naming standards between logical and physical models ensures consistency.
  • Agile Change Management - The ability to create and track tasks associated with data model changes enables users to keep data models relevant.
  • Usability Improvements - New 'Start Here' welcome page with dynamic content (such as how-to videos) improves the user experience and shortens learning time.

Released: Sep 22, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in XE6

  • Hadoop Hive - To support customers that are using Hive for their large data sets, this release provides native support for Hive 0.12 and 0.13.
  • MongoDB - As part of the expanded platform support and enabling better visibility into metadata for unstructured data formats, this release provides native support for MongoDB 2.4 and 2.6.
  • 64-bit Version - ER/Studio Data Architect and ER/Studio Repository now run as a native 64-bit application.
  • Improved Performance - With an improved memory...