About Total Access Startup

Easily deploy and maintain Access applications.

Total Access Startup helps you ensure your users always use the correct version of Access, and automatically update the local copy of your database when you release a new version. You can centrally manage your Access applications for everyone on your network.

Start the right version every time
Upgrading Office but still need to run legacy Access applications? Total Access Startup guarantees that your users always launch the right version of Access with the right version of your Access database. Easily manage Access and your databases to ensure that users:

Start the Access version you specify
For example, your users will always run Access 2013 with your Access 2013 databases, regardless of the Access versions installed on their machine or what Windows considers the default for MDB files. Eliminate the need to convert your existing Access applications to later versions, while safely migrating to the newest version of Office.

Detect and run the latest version of your Access database
If desired, Total Access Startup automatically installs and updates your users local copy when you release a new version.

Extremely Simple Deployments
To deploy your Access application, simply send an email pointing to the shortcut that Total Access Startup generates, and youre done! Your users only need the right version of Access installed.

How Total Access Startup Simplifies Access
Total Access Startup always launches the correct version of Access with your database regardless of how many versions of Access are installed or what Windows considers the default for MDB files. Many environments require multiple versions of Access because the cost of converting old Access databases to the latest version of Access is unnecessary. With Total Access Startup, you can maintain your investment while easily supporting new Access versions. It knows how to find the correct version of Access even if its installed in a different directory on every machine.

If the user doesn't have the right version of Access installed on their machine, Total Access Startup displays a customized message showing the error along with your contact information. This gracefully handles the problem and prevents the user from inadvertently converting the database because the wrong version of Access is started.

If your users are running your application for the first time, Total Access Startup installs the database for them. If there are other files required, you can also launch a batch file or setup program.

When you update your database, your users local copy is automatically updated the next time they launch it. You can also launch a batch file or setup program if additional files need to be installed (different from what you run for the initial installation).

Everything is centrally stored so you can deploy your database consistently across all your users and easily manage it over time.

How Total Access Startup Works
Total Access Startup has two parts, Administrator and Startup.

Administrator Program - lets you specify the Access version and database you want your users to use.

A Wizard lets you specify how your Access database is started and managed. You can specify:

  • The Access version to run including runtime versions
  • The database to run and the startup macro (if any)
  • The location of the database on the network
  • The location of the database installed on the users machine (if desired)
  • The name of the field in the database that identifies its version (ensures that the local database is always in sync with the master)
  • The setup program or batch file to run when the database is created on the local machine (useful the first time the launches the application)
  • The program or batch file to run when the local copy is updated (in case you need to install other files, such as ActiveX controls)
  • Your contact information if your user cant start the program

When you complete the Wizard, Total Access Startup creates a small INI file and shortcut link in the network location you specify. The INI file includes your specifications, and the shortcut launches your database using these specifications.

Startup Program - A small executable (TAStart.exe) that that launches your database with the specifications selected in the Administrative program.

The shortcut, INI file, and Launcher reside on your network for your users to use. This Startup program has no dependencies and does not require your users to have anything installed on their machine other than a copy of Access.