About GitKraken

A unified platform of Git tools and services for developers, teams and team leaders.

GitKraken is a cross-platform UI that helps make sense of Git. You can easily open repos, set favorites, and organize them in project groups. GitKraken's seamlessly integrates with your GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab remotes and supports drag and drop to simplify complicated commands like merge, rebase and push. GitKraken includes: GitKraken Desktop, GitKraken CLI, GitLens for VS Code, GitKraken.dev and GitKraken Browser Extension.

GitKraken Desktop Features

  • Visualize Git, Minimize Mistakes - GitKraken Desktop turns the complex web of Git commands into a clear, navigable map of your project’s history. This visual approach not only demystifies version control, but also makes tracking changes and understanding the impact of each commit a breeze.
  • Easy-to-read commit history - The Commit Graph provides an easy-to-use interface to address common Git challenges. Feel more confident about managing version control and get a clear view of who changed what and when.
  • Understand any change - With the flexible Diff View you can review past changes, explore File Blame or File History, and even edit code directly, enabling you to stay on top of your project development with ease.
  • Unblock PR & Code Reviews - Traditional code collaboration relies heavily on pull requests, which forces devs to wait for valuable feedback. GitKraken Desktop expedites feedback and fills in the missing context you need for swifter code reviews.
  • Know what’s next - Use the Launchpad to see and prioritize all of your issues, pull requests, and WIPs. Start your day in the Launchpad and take action on your most important work without second-guessing or juggling apps.
  • See pull requests by status - Which PRs need attention? With the Launchpad, your PRs and issues are organized by status so you can unblock your team and keep your project moving.
  • Suggest code changes internally - Take action on GitHub Pull Requests directly from GitKraken Desktop! Review the code in-app, and send suggestions to other GitKraken users on your team.
  • Manage Multiple Repos - Working with multiple repositories doesn’t have to be a pain. With GitKraken Desktop, you can group your repos together and see the status of their branches, issues, and pull requests all in one place.
  • Stay organized, your way - Group your repos and gain immediate visibility into currently checked-out branches, remote status, and any work you have in progress. Plus, you can perform multi repo actions like fetch or pull without doing them one at a time.
  • Your pull requests in one place - Save the need to open a new browser tab. Instead, you can view, edit or comment on your pull requests from the Launchpad. Merge when it’s done from GitKraken Desktop.
  • Resolve Merge Conflicts with Ease - Resolving merge conflicts can be a tedious process, but the built-in Merge Tool helps you tackle merge conflicts with confidence and ease.
  • Detect conflicts early - Intervene before any conflicts happen. When you set up Teams in GitKraken, you can get collision warnings when another team member is editing the same file as you.
  • Knock out conflicting code​ - The Merge Tool is designed to make conflict resolution much safer and less time-consuming. With its user-friendly interface, you’ll see the current branch and the target branch you’re merging into side by side.
  • Ramp Up New Devs Faster - Onboarding new developers should boost team energy, yet it often drags, particularly in multi-repo environments. But with quick access to relevant projects, teams can shorten the time for new devs to become productive.
  • Invite devs to your project - There’s power in grouping your project’s repos in a Workspace. Provision your project’s repos by adding new team members individually or as a team.
  • Clone the project’s repos all at once - With access to the Workspace granted, team members can clone all the repos in a project and get started right away.

GitKraken CLI Features

  • The Ultimate CLI for Git Collaboration - Unlock the power of ‘gk’ commands from your preferred terminal. Master multi-repo workflows; keep track of PRs and issues across platforms like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket; and integrate effortlessly with GitKraken Desktop + GitLens in VS Code to instantly visualize your Git data.
  • Bring PRs, WIPs, and Issues to the terminal - Traditional code collaboration often hinges on pull requests, which can delay critical feedback for developers. The GitKraken CLI speeds up this process, providing the essential context needed for faster and more effective code reviews.
  • gk launchpad - Bring essential information right into your terminal. Easily access and manage PRs, issues, and work-in-progress across multiple repositories with simple commands.
  • gk pr list - Want to track relevant pull requests? Get a list of all open pull requests within a Workspace, and use advanced filtering options by title, author, or date to find exactly what you need.
  • gk issue list - Avoid opening a new browser tab. Generate a list of issues associated with the repositories in a Workspace.
  • Run Multi-Repo Commands - Stay updated on your project changes directly from your preferred terminal. Execute any of these commands to efficiently update your repositories in batch.
  • gk ws pull, gk ws fetch - Catch up on updates to your projects. Quickly refresh all repositories within a Workspace using a single fetch or pull command.
  • gk ws clone - Effortlessly clone all repositories within a Workspace. Choose a complete clone or select specific repositories to meet your needs.
  • Manage Groups of Repos - Managing multiple repositories can be straightforward and efficient. GitKraken CLI allows you to group your repos together, providing a single view of branch statuses, issues, and pull requests, all in one organized space.
  • gk workspace info​ - Organize your repositories to instantly see which branches are checked out, the remote status, and any ongoing work for each repo.
  • gk workspace add-repo - Need to add a new repo? This simple command will do the trick.
  • Suggest Code Revisions - Pull requests might feel overly formal for quick code suggestions. Now, you can easily propose code revisions right from the terminal in a more informal manner.
  • gk patch create - Looking for fast feedback on a new feature or fix? Easily share your commits or work-in-progress with other developers by generating a Cloud Patch.
  • gk patch apply - Whether you’re ready to apply a change you may have stashed away for later, or you just received a patch from a teammate, use this command to apply it to your repository.

GitLens For VS Code Features

  • Navigate Git, Minimize Mistakes - GitLens for VS Code simplifies Git complexity into a clear, visual timeline of your project’s history, helping you track changes and visualize the impact of each commit with ease.
  • Search & Visualize repositories in rich color, from your IDE - Navigating a repository can be daunting. The Commit Graph acts as a rich search tool to simplify typical Git hurdles. Providing a clear, colorful display of commit histories, authorship, and timelines, helping you manage version control.
  • Unpack the "Why" behind every line - Inline Blame Annotations display crucial information at the line level. See who made changes, when, and why, without ever leaving your current file. This clarity fosters better decision-making and minimizes errors.
  • Unblock PR & Code Reviews - Transform your code review process into a proactive, multiplayer experience. Cut through the clutter of delayed feedback, missing context, and dependency blocks to improve team collaboration and code quality.
  • Your one stop shop for PRs and Issues - Launchpad significantly reduces the cognitive load of managing multiple tasks. It organizes PRs and issues by status allowing you to identify and address bottlenecks, while viewing priority status tasks.
  • Iterate on feedback well before the PR - Cloud Patches make your work accessible anytime, anywhere, ensuring that you and your team can maintain momentum across different locations and time zones. Preventing roadblocks, all before the PR.
  • Manage Multiple Repos - Working with multiple repositories doesn’t have to be a pain. With GitLens, you can group your repos together and see the status of their branches, issues, and pull requests in one consolidated view.
  • Prioritize work on branches across repos without overload - Worktrees cut down context-switching by allowing you to check out and work on multiple branches simultaneously. Letting you to manage development smoothly, without the constant need to switch from one branch to another.
  • Maintain a tidy and structured workflow - Workspaces enhance your workflow, simplify the onboarding process, and provide a clear overview across all your projects, eliminating the inefficiency of managing numerous tabs and windows.
  • Code with Momentum - GitLens is fully integrated within VS Code, allowing you to access extensive Git insights and information without leaving your development environment.
  • Intuitive and distraction-free development experience - Easily access the most relevant Git details when you need them . With Visual File History, quickly understand the evolution of a file—identify the most significant changes, their scale, and the contributors—all from within VS Code.
  • Stay in "the zone" with minimal disruption - Quickly gain insights with automatic linking of issues and pull requests across Git hosting platforms including GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, among others. View Jira issues directly from within GitLens with the Jira integration.

GitKraken Browser Extension Features

  • Your Bridge Between Apps - Save time finding and checking out branches in your local repository from GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, or Bitbucket.
  • Track PRs - Traditional code collaboration often depends on pull requests, which can delay critical feedback. The GitKraken Browser Extension bridges this process, providing the necessary context from your favorite web browser for faster code reviews.
  • See PRs by status - Keep track of your PRs from your browser. The GitKraken Browser Extension organizes your pull requests by status, and identifies which pull requests need your attention.
  • Open in GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, or Bitbucket - All done with your research? Take action on a PR by opening it in a new browser tab.
  • Access Code Suggestions - There’s an easier way to recommend changes. View PR code suggestions created by you or other GitKraken users.
  • View PRs in GitKraken or VS Code - Pull requests can sometimes seem too formal for rapid code suggestions. But now you can casually review code revisions directly from the browser and even open them in GitKraken Desktop or GitLens in VS Code.
  • Open in GitKraken Desktop - Get to testing, triaging, and suggesting changes in one click. Open your PRs in GitKraken Desktop to better visualize commit history, file history, and more.
  • Open in GitLens - Looking to edit files or investigate file blame in one click? Open any PR with GitLens in VS Code with the GitKraken Browser Extension.

GitKraken.dev Features

  • Your Command Center in the Browser - Don’t let project updates play hide-and-seek. GitKraken.dev unifies development project and team statuses, providing clear insights into your workflows to better align efforts and reduce errors.
  • Track PRs and Issues - Traditional code collaboration frequently relies on pull requests, which can slow down the delivery of essential feedback. GitKraken.dev accelerates this process by supplying the necessary context for quicker and more thorough code reviews.
  • See all PRs by status - Need to identify priority PRs? The Launchpad organizes your pull requests and issues by status, allowing you to quickly address blockers and maintain project momentum.
  • Know what’s next - Start your day with the Launchpad to view and prioritize all your issues and pull requests directly from your browser. It’s designed to help you focus on your most critical tasks immediately, eliminating the need to switch between apps or question what to tackle first.
  • Connect to multiple providers - Enhance your Launchpad by linking it with essential tools like GitHub, Jira, GitLab, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, and others to access detailed PR and issue information all in one place.
  • Suggest and Send Code Changes - Pull requests can sometimes seem too formal for rapid code suggestions. Casually review code revisions directly from the browser and even open them in GitKraken Desktop or GitLens in VS Code.
  • Suggest code changes internally - Accelerate GitHub code review with gitkraken.dev by sending code suggestions to other GitKraken users on your team, ultimately resulting in more stable PRs.
  • Share patch files - Need quick feedback on a new feature or fix? Share your commits or work-in-progress effortlessly with other developers by distributing a Cloud Patch.
  • Ramp Up New Devs Faster - Onboarding new developers should energize the team, but it can sometimes stall, especially in environments with multiple repositories. Providing quick access to relevant projects can help reduce the time it takes for new developers to start contributing effectively.
  • Organize your repos - Grouping your repositories by project or topic has never been simpler. From a browser, create a Workspace and conveniently add or remove repositories as your project develops.
  • Invite devs to your project - There’s power in grouping your project’s repos in a Workspace. Provision your project’s repos by adding new team members individually or as a team.
  • Bring Your Team Together - It’s now easier than ever to view all team members at a glance and make swift modifications. It’s an excellent tool for team leads looking to manage their groups more effectively.
  • Assemble your crew - Team leads rejoice – It’s now easier than ever to create a GitKraken team from the browser.
  • Review and update teams - Need to check who’s on which team? Easily expand team views and make updates on the fly.
  • Secure and Control Your Data - Compliance is crucial. GitKraken provides additional tools for managing data and enhancing security.
  • Centralized Security Settings - Maintain the secure use of AI tools throughout your organization with clear controls. Customize AI usage by enabling or disabling features to align with your organization’s security guidelines.
  • Self-hosted Cloud Patch Storage - For organizations prioritizing data sovereignty, it offer's the option for account admins to choose self-hosted storage for Cloud Patches.