Grial UI Kit

Grial UI Kit offers a set of XAML UI pages, templates, controls and helpers made for Xamarin.Forms and .NET MAUI. These cover the most typical Mobile UI patterns and are crafted by developers, for developers. Grial is based on the Model–view–viewmodel (MVVM) pattern ensuring a clean separation between the UI and the viewmodels through data bindings. Grial is framework agnostic so you can choose any MVVM framework you feel comfortable with. Grial UI Kit allows you to focus on the business logic and almost forget about the UI. It supports .NET MAUI and the latest Xamarin.Forms and targets Android and iOS platforms.

Included Controls


  • Drawer Control
  • Floating Menu
  • XAML Expressions
  • Grial Map
  • Rating Control
  • Parallax View
  • Selectable Wrap Panel
  • View Trimming
  • Rounded Icons and Images
  • Orientation Lock Service
  • Icon Button
  • Fonts Declaration
  • Emojis
  • Data Grid
  • Card View
  • Video Player
  • TabControl
  • Charts
  • Pop Ups
  • Carousel View
  • Checkboxes and Radios
  • Repeater
  • Wrap Panel
  • Grid View
  • Gradients
  • Grial Navbar
  • Animations
  • Animation Loop Behaviors
  • Icons
  • Handlers / Custom renderers
  • Responsive Helpers
  • iOS Safe Area


Latest News

Grial UI Kit for .NET MAUI updated
Grial UI Kit for .NET MAUI updated
May 22, 2023New Version
New Smart Home Flow includes pages to display and control home appliances such as TVs, lamps and ACs.
Grial UI Kit for .NET MAUI updated
Grial UI Kit for .NET MAUI updated
April 12, 2023New Version
Adds support for horizontal bar charts and horizontal stacked bar charts.
Grial UI Kit updated
Grial UI Kit updated
March 7, 2023New Version
Adds 'Movies' Flow which consists of 3 screens that present a movie catalog.
Grial UI Kit updated
Grial UI Kit updated
February 9, 2023New Version
Adds 'Food Places' Flow which displays a set of geo-localized places on a map.
Grial UI Kit updated
Grial UI Kit updated
January 9, 2023New Version
Adds new Grial Map and Drawer .NET MAUI controls.
Grial UI Kit 4.0.72
Grial UI Kit 4.0.72
December 16, 2022New Version
Video Player and Video Carousel Highlights components now available for .NET MAUI.

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Supported Platforms
  • Xamarin.Forms